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Trophies that Teams can Win for Displaying on their Group Profile Page ...

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    Currently,we hv many Competitive Team n' Vote Chess Tourney Matches between Groups ,organized/hosted by a few Super Admins/Admins here such as Ultimate Cup,Olympics Cup,KO Tourneys,Vote Chess League,World League,International Team's League,etc .

    Can we hv Special Trophies available for such Matches so that the Winning Teams can display them on their Respective Group Profiles ,juz like/similiar to our Individual Tourney Trophies( Both Live n' Online) that we currently can display on our Personal Member Profiles ?

    Maybe the Organizers Concerned can be allowed to apply to Chess.com so they can give these Trophies ( can be specially designed by Chess.com or made customizable ) to the Winning Teams.

    I think,this wld be Really Great coz there's so much Effort that goes into hosting/organizing these Inter-Group Competitive Matches but there's nothing for the Winning Teams ( that normally emerge after many Tedious Rounds) to show for their Hard-Earned Victory ! Frown

     Many of them take a Very Long Time to complete/finish .. A few even take  > 1 year,I think ! .. juz like our Online Tourneys .

    ( At the Moment, many of my Groups/Teams r participating in such Competitive Tourney Matches too )

    Tnx So Much ! Smile

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    Great idea Kikyo_Sushi!  I second that suggestion.  Cool

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    Indeed but the question is how to get an administrator to take a look at this page. 


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    That is a VERY VERY VERY nice idea :)

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    Perfect idea... :)

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    Yes, and just as their is a leaderboard for matches and Vote Chess there should be a ranking in terms of trophies.

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    Tnx  .. :)

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    Really nice idea,

    Susan I suggest that you should message the link of this forum to one of the staff members of chess.com.

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    Tnx Jigar but I think  Chess.com Staff  tracks every Forum Post ...

    Not 100% sure,tho.

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    A nice-idea (Trophies on team-page) & would be popular !

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    I know I'm a little late to the party, but this is a great idea.  They should create some system for team tourneys.  I wonder if they are already working on this actually.

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    i'd actually be surprised if they weren't working on this already

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    Yeah,maybe ... I have sent this Suggestion to one of the Staff already .. :)

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    I really hope they are working on it because I would think that was one of the best features of this site.

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    I agree. 

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    Kikyo_Sushi wrote:

    Tnx Jigar but I think  Chess.com Staff  tracks every Forum Post ...

    Not 100% sure,tho.

    No not automatically we don't. We read the forums like others do so at times some threads / posts are missed.

    If the idea has already been submitted via a support ticket or previous thread it would have been noted.

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    Tnx Kohai .. I've suggested this to staff Brenan in my Feedback/Suggestions for Improvements to him earlier .

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    So Kohai, are you working on it?

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    Please say you are.


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