Vote Chess Notification Icon - My Turn



I used the search feature but the most recent topics on this I found were over 18 months old.

It would be quite nice to have (maybe with an option to disable) an icon in the small bar at the top of the screen for games you are ready to vote in, similar to the my move in online chess icon or the new messages icon. Clicking it can take you to the game with the least amount of time left.

If this feature already exists and I'm missing it, please let me know. Thanks!


In the "HOME" drop down menu there is a vote chess option, it has all the options you are talking about. That was the result of previous discussions, it as really hard to keep track before that.


Yes, I know of that page, but that's not what I'm suggesting. That approach is similar to selecting Online Chess from the same home menu to see current online games it is your move for, but there is also a notification icon for online chess. Why not one for vote chess?

I could then load the site and instantly know if I have votes to make without clicking anything, just like I instantly know if I have moves to make in my online chess games, and I'd have quicker access to them by just clicking the notification icon.


Yes, those counters are handy shortcuts.

(Personally, I would like one for forum posts.)