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Defence and Attack

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    Next time you play chess don't play attack play defence and you will win. See at the start have a good defence then start attacking. Because if you attack first you will lose by him attacking. If you try 4 mate checkmate and blocks it you just wasted 4 moves. He stopped your 4 moves in 1 move. Defence is really good with pawns and knights. Defend everything with your pawns and protect the pawn by the knights. You should take out your queen after 4 moves. Your rooks are for the ending keep them for castling and finishing touches. Some grandmasters say that sacrifice your queen or high piece to make a checkmate. You need a knight at b5 a bishop at d2 and some pawns protecting it, that gives you good defence. In defence you pin your opponents pieces make you have more space and less space for your opponent. Then you will have to have an advantage by cutting his pieces because if he has less pieces then you can go into his area and attack him at the end. You will win use defence and atttack.

    -Pirathapan AhilanCool

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