E6 sicilian open


Hi all,

I just spotted an opening for a thematic tournament: the e6-sicilian! I initially open it for 20 players but if I gets filled up quickly I might make the group up to 40 players. The format is 5(2) and vacation is allowed but only <10% of the time. Feel free to register at



This isn't really a thematic tournament, sorry for that.

Open sicilians with 2...e6 are branched to Scheveningen, Taimanov, Paulsen, Modern Kan, Pin Variation, Sicilian 4 knights...


@pfren: Yes you are right in a sense. The problem with thematic tournaments is that you have to play with both white and black that narrows it down a bit too much i think. Now you still have alot of possibilities. Me, for example would like to practice the Taimanov but prefer to play King's idian attack against the e6-sicilian. The pure taimanov starting position would therefore be more troublesome for me since I am not planning to get booked up in the white lines.

But if you plan on organising a more specific tournament yourself I will be happy to join.


Regards, irW