The continuously running Swiss 90m+30s (1 Round/game every 2 weeks) for more than 2 years since 2022


New cycle (8th) Swiss 90m+30s registration open!

1 Round/ game every 2 weeks

for total 6 Rounds (3 months) 

Rd-1 will start on Sat, Apr 13

End of Registration: Fri, Apr 12, 23:59 UTC

Detail info & registration: 

* If you cannot post at this forum page when registering, firstly you need to join the club main page:  then I will approve it right away * 


I liked, but is hard to communicate with the opponents trough this platform. Don't know.


Please include me. rapid 1604




please include me , if I am too late for round1 then if possible include me starting with round 2-thanks


Tournament has been running with 59 participants.

For ones who missed this cycle --> looking forward for next cycle (expected to be starting on early August 2024)

* We have been running the Swiss 90m+30s league for 8 cycles (seasons) since year 2022 continuously and consistently without any pause/ break.

Archive of all previous cycle (season) Swiss since year 2022:

For you who are looking for sustainable and dedicated organized tourney, you find the right place here.


Participate in the Swiss 90m+30s chess tournament, featuring one round every two weeks. Enjoy the consistency and continuous play, allowing ample time for strategic thinking and competitive engagement.