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  • For Red Sox fans who play chess. Lets dominate this website!! Anyone is welcome to join though!

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  • World Series champions!

    by G-Money11 3 years ago

  • So proud of my team *sniff *sniff *smile Lets get another one!

    by Saber4 3 years ago

  • Go Sox... 9 straight WS wins going for 10!

    by JonathanOShea 3 years ago

  • Go Sox!

    by G-Money11 3 years ago

  • Go Sox! Great start from Lester last night

    by Green-Monster 3 years ago

  • Boston Strong Baby! I expect this series to be be tough. But the last two were rough and they still figured out a way to win. What is that the crowd sings to them lately? "Every little thing's gonna be alright"!

    by tennmen 3 years ago

  • World series tonight, and last comment 18 months ago? Go Sox!

    by Dan_V 3 years ago

  • Yes. A great start indeed. Really, good starts from Bucholz, Dubront and Bard too. Let's just hope Beckett gets his act together.

    by tennmen 5 years ago

  • Great start by Lester! A shutout really helps out the bullpen, and the team really needed a strong pitching performance. Let's hope they can keep it up and get back on top of the AL East! :)

    by G-Money11 5 years ago

  • Ugh! Tough start to the season, 1 trip through the rotation and we're 0-5, with only 3 pitchers with ERA's under 5.4 and 1 batter over .278! Good thing it's a long season.

    by scottzoe 6 years ago