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  • Formed: Jun 23, 2011
  • It is a small group of kids that is determined that kids are great at chess and should not be ignored!! Anyone can join into our group and can always socialise. We have 0 tolerance to any bad stuff. Join us!

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  • Shut the f*** up yourself

    by hsong1 3 years ago

  • hi

    by hsong1 3 years ago

  • uh, whatta f***k are u doing

    by the_random_3000 3 years ago

  • wut

    by AaronDChen 3 years ago

  • this group is so small lol

    by Midnight_637 3 years ago

  • Welcome new members. I hope everyone has a good time in this group and If you know anyone who might want to be in this group please write their username here.

    by nbegines 4 years ago