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4pc CPs are great
In this club, we will discuss CPs and help test -play them!(;
Swan's Chess Club
Hello Guys, welcome to the Swans Chess Club!!! This Club is for players off all abilities. We are a friendly club, where we play regular daily ch...
Ray Duque III Club International
Please join this International group wherever you are for fun, post in the notes and forums, friendship, chats, play chess games, practice and more...
The Great G.O.A.T.S
This is a club only for G.O.A.T.S, are you one?
Slippers and sneakers's Smelly SandBox
  hello people,  we are "Slipper and Sneakers Smelly Sandbox. We abide by the power of the ... shoes! This club's main purpose is now to becom...
For all Bitcoin lovers, where the currency is boundary-less so as the chess game.
The Dragon's Institute
Hi there! We invite you to The Dragons Institute! We are an active club with 200+ family members! We play daily chess, vote chess and Live Match...
Hãy vào đây nếu bạn thích chơi GARTIC.IO !!!
Kaliningrad Chess Club BALTIKA
Добро пожаловать в клуб из Калининграда! Только у нас вы сможете узнавать все новости нашего сайта, следить за расписанием соревнований, а также уч...
PeDeStRiAn Club
 Have you ever wanted to participate in a fierce chess battle against another club? Then this is the club for you. The Pedestrian Club is a club fo...
We are looking for players from Edinburgh and the Lothians and the eastern border regions, so anyone from, living in, with connections or an affi...
Waltham Chess Club
Meets Friday nights, 7 PM until midnight. Specializing in one-day events, from G/5 to G/60.  Contact info at the web site 404 Wyman StreetWaltham,...
Official Blackfirestorm Fan Club
This is my place. A place for all my friends to come sit down, chill out and relax. NO SWEARING because there are members that are too young to hea...
Greek Arena-Τουρνουά Ελλάδος
Αμιγώς Ελληνική ομάδα . Ορος ένταξης στην ομάδα μας η αγάπη για το σκάκι σαν άθλημα και πνευματικό παιχνίδι. Σεβασμός στους συμπαίκτες και αντιπάλο...
Squadron Commandos
Greetings    I would like to share with you a unique opportunity that exists among a tightknit core group of "Soldiers" who are actively seeking t...
Debut Chess Club
Добро пожаловать в наш Клуб для начинающих и продвинутых шахматистов! Are you a foreigner and don't know Russian? No problem! In the closed club ...
ande_star Club
Club for anyone who wants to play occasionally blitz or bullet tournaments. Everyone is welcome  
The Film and TV Buffs
This is a club for all fans of film and TV, where you can exchange views on your likes and dislikes, plus play themed tournaments for customised pr...
Team Italia Live
  Team Italia Live  è la squadra italiana di riferimento per le competizioni internazionali LIVE organizzate su chess.com.  Il gruppo non partecip...
Private club (by invitation only) for Chess.com Partnered Streamers. For information on becoming a Streamer please go to https://www.chess.com/arti...