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2022. okt. 29.
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"Join the 241 Club Discover the Endless Fun of Competitive Chess! Challenge Your Limits and Played chess with players from all World!"
The club of players who aspire to have all 241 flags in their profile passport. 
If you want to know how many flags you have? Replace my nickname with yours to go to your passport
 This is the initial article of the Club (you will find help to reach the goal) You can represent your country in our tournaments and more. Join the challenge

Competitive matches of correspondence chess await you, vote chess where you always learn and fun regular live "events 241" on the weekend, puzzles, more to come. Join the competition and have fun
As more members join in the competition and fun, we have awards for members and winners
1) Week by week they will be able to stand out as competitive playing with players from all over the world, it is a very difficult challenge, there are world champions who have played with the same players all their lives (completing their Passport 241)
Also get recognition for your competitive spirit (win games in club events developing fair play)
Club's Derby or Triple Crown, Consecutive winner of the following tournaments: The Chameleon 241, The 241 Nations and The 241 Flags
2) Month after month, all club members will have the same chance to be the Chameleon King, learn more about our club mascot
Every second weekend of every month, Challenge your limits! Passport 241 Series of Chess Variants
(3-Check, King Of The Hill, Crazyhouse, Bughouse, 960, Bullet, Blitz and Rapid, they are all variants of the original Chaturanga game)
3) Year after year, everyone participates for
The Best player of the year (who wins the most club matches),
The King of 241 Nations (who has won the most tournaments of 241 Nations),
The King of the 241 Flags (who has won the most 
tournaments of 241 Flags ) and
The King of the Passport Series 241 (who has won the most medals in the Series)
goldDelivery of the "241Awards"(51 Winners)gold
Possibly we are one of the clubs that gives more recognition to its members
In addition, AI assists us in our designs. The club is challenged from the very beginning to have a member from every country and region of the world.
Join because together we make a difference
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