PogChamps 3: Ludwig Wins Match, Dinner Date

PogChamps 3: Ludwig Wins Match, Dinner Date

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More exciting matches took place during the sixth day of PogChamps 3 presented by GRIP6.

The aggressive Neeko defeated Myth, and Ludwig quickly scored two points against CodeMiko. The last match of the day was an incredible battle between Sardoche and Benjyfishy, who emerged victorious.

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During PogChamps 3, will match up to $100,000 in donations to the participants’ favorite non-profit organizations. Please read this article to see how PogChamps is supporting charities and how you can help yourself!

Neeko Shows No Mercy Against Myth

The day started with Neeko convincingly defeating Myth. The 100 Thieves content creator played fast and precise moves.

The first game started with both players blitzing their first few moves. It seemed like Myth was winning the first game after he got the opportunity to win a free bishop. However, he not only failed to seize that opportunity but blundered his own bishop. Neeko eventually took all of Myth's pieces and scored the first point of the match.

PogChamps 3 Day 6
Myth didn't take Neeko's hanging bishop.

Neeko had an easier time in the second game after Myth traded a bishop for a pawn with no compensation. The "OK Boomer" girl applied a sound chess principle and forced enough piece exchanges to achieve an easy win. She eventually promoted three queens and checkmated her opponent. 

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Ludwig Wins Match And Dinner Date

With a dinner date with QTCinderella on the line, Ludwig did not take any chances and won the match against CodeMiko.

The first game was the fastest in PogChamps 3 so far, lasting only eight moves. CodeMiko tried the Petrov Defense and blundered multiple times, allowing Ludwig to pile up on the weak f7-pawn and checkmate with the queen and knight.

The second game wasn't as quick, but Ludwig still had no trouble winning the game. The hard work he put into improving his chess since his first appearance in PogChamps showed in this game. After trapping CodeMiko's bishop, Ludwig found an impressive checkmate to end the match.

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Benjyfishy Preys On Chess Shark Sardoche

Benjyfishy won a tough match against Sardoche, the highest-rated player in the tournament.

The first game between them was perhaps the most precise in PogChamps history. Benjy was playing a positional masterpiece until he blundered a center pawn. Sardoche was freeing up his position until he made a fatal mistake that allowed Benjy to play a forced checkmate.

The second game saw Benjyfishy coming well-prepared for Sardoche's London. Still, Sardoche played an incredible game and got into a winning position with a forced mate on the board. Tragically, the French streamer missed it and blundered his queen, making it easy for Benjyfishy to win the match and take the group lead.

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PogChamps 3 Day 6 Group Standings.
Group standings of PogChamps 3 presented by GRIP6.

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