Oleksandr Bortnyk Wins 13th Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix
Oleksandr Bortnyk. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

Oleksandr Bortnyk Wins 13th Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix

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GM Oleksandr Bortnyk won the 13th Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix. The Ukrainian grandmaster beat GM Maxim Matlakov of Russia 2-1 in the knockout final, deciding the last game in a mating attack. GM Parham Maghsoodloo of Iran is the new leader in the overall Grand Prix standings.

The next Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix will be played on September 1 at 10 a.m. Pacific / 19:00 Central Europe.

The 13th Speed Chess Grand Prix tournament was held on Tuesday, August 25, with 728 participants. It was Vietnamese grandmaster Le Quang Liem who won the Swiss part, having the best tiebreak among eight players scoring 8.5/10.

The live broadcast of the tournament.

Like last week, the biggest names who were playing failed to make it to the knockout phase. They include GM Hikaru Nakamura, who just missed as he finished in shared ninth place, as well as GMs Sergey Karjakin and Peter Svidler.

It shows that, besides online blitz being a special skill, there's also some randomness to such tournaments and players need to have a (very) good day—and a bit of luck. At the same time, the overall GP standings as given below bring forward the players who continuously finish high in the rankings. Maghsoodloo (@Parhamov), the new leader, is clearly one of them.

Nakamura just missed out on the knockout as he ended with three draws, after starting with 6.5/7. His last win, against GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov (@Chesswarrior7197), is an instructive one, especially the moment he took on g3 with his f-pawn:

Speaking of Abdusattorov, his round-six win against GM Andrew Tang (@penguingm1) is quite interesting, if only for the one moment when Tang could have forced a checkmate himself. A tactic perfect for Puzzle Rush.

The players who qualified for the knockout were the ones who made it to 8.5 points: besides the aforementioned GMs Bortnyk and Le Quang Liem, they were GMs Jeffery Xiong, Anton Korobov, Pavel Ponkratov, Maxim Matlakov, Aleksandar Indjic, and IM Le Tuan Minh.

August 25 Speed Chess Grand Prix | Swiss Final Standings (Top 20)

Rk Fed Title Username Name Score SB
1 GM @LiemLe Le Quang Liem 8.5 56.5
2 GM @jefferyx Jeffery Xiong 8.5 54
3 GM @GOGIEFF Anton Korobov 8.5 51.75
4 GM @Oleksandr_Bortnyk Oleksandr Bortnyk 8.5 51.25
5 IM @wonderfultime Tuan Minh Le 8.5 49.75
6 GM @Infernal_XaM Pavel Ponkratov 8.5 48.25
6 GM @Borsch7 Maxim Matlakov 8.5 48.25
8 GM @Beca95 Aleksandar Indjic 8.5 46
9 GM @erichansen Eric Hansen 8 58
10 GM @Hikaru Hikaru Nakamura 8 50.25
10 GM @Alexander_Zubov Alexander Zubov 8 50.25
12 IM @Anonymous1762 Arjun Kalyan 8 49.5
13 IM @swimmerchess Siva Mahadevan 8 44.25
14 IM @Bulldog167 Leon Livaic 8 43.75
15 GM @Izoria123 Zviad Izoria 8 42.75
16 IM @AlexTriapishko Alexandr Triapishko 8 41
17 GM @Anton_Demchenko Anton Demchenko 8 40
18 GM @BocharovD Dmitriy Bocharov 8 39.5
19 GM @GMKrikor Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian 8 38.5
20 GM @Parhamov Parham Maghsoodloo 7.5 50.5

Bortnyk first eliminated IM Le Tuan Minh (@wonderfultime) and then Indjic (@Beca95) before facing Matlakov (@Borsch7) in the final. The Russian GM had beaten Xiong (@jefferyx) and Le Quang Liem (@LiemLe).

After the players both scored a win, Bortnyk took the first prize with a nice finish:

Bortnyk won the $1,000 first prize and 12 GP points while Matlakov took second ($500 and eight GP points). Indjic and Ponkratov both won $200 and four GP points, while the losing quarterfinalists each earned $100 and two GP points. 

IM Anastasia Bodnaruk (@Vesper2018) won the $100 prize for being the top-scoring female player.

Below are the current Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix standings. At the end of the season, the players with the four best scores will advance to the Speed Chess Championship to be hosted later this year.

Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix | Standings After August 25 (Top 20)

# Title Fed Name Username Swiss
1 GM Parham Maghsoodloo @Parhamov 67 22 89
2 GM Haik Martirosyan @Micki-taryan 59.5 28 87.5
3 GM Hikaru Nakamura @Hikaru 59 28 87
4 GM Vladislav Artemiev @Sibelephant 42.5 36 78.5
5 GM Vladislav Kovalev @vladislavkovalev 66 8 74
6 GM Dmitry Andreikin @2Vladimirovich90 57 14 71
7 GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave @LyonBeast 41.5 28 69.5
8 GM Grigoriy Oparin @OparinGrigoriy 42.5 20 62.5
9 GM Maksim Chigaev @Fandorine 48.5 12 60.5
10 GM Sergey Karjakin @SergeyKarjakin 49.5 10 59.5
11 GM Alireza Firouzja @Firouzja2003 48 10 58
12 GM Alexander Grischuk @Grischuk 49.5 6 55.5
13 GM Nordibek Abdusattorov @ChessWarrior7197 42 10 52
14 GM Raunak Sadhwani @RaunakSadhwani2005 47.5 4 51.5
15 IM Tuan Minh Le @wonderfultime 42 6 48
16 GM Aleksandar Indjic @Beca95 41.5 6 47.5
17 GM Vladimir Fedoseev @Bigfish1995 33 14 47
18 GM Boris Grachev @Guenplen 39 8 47
19 GM Peter Svidler @PSvidler 33.5 12 45.5
20 GM Oleksandr Bortnyk @Oleksandr_Bortnyk 33 12 45

Games final eight

The Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix is presented by Gambit, where you can play classic games like Reversi, Backgammon, and Oh Ship with players from around the world.

More information about the Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix can be found here.

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