Dubov Clinches 1st Knockout: 'Kramnik Was The Only Reason I Played'

Dubov Clinches 1st Knockout: 'Kramnik Was The Only Reason I Played'

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GM Daniil Dubov won week 19 of the 2022 Rapid Chess Championship presented by Coinbase, defeating GM Christopher Yoo with clever tactical play in the final.

GMs Dmitry Andreikin and Shamsiddin Vokhidov made it to the semifinals. GM Sam Sevian won the Swiss tournament and finished in the quarterfinals along with GMs Vladimir Fedoseev, Alexey Sarana, and Vincent Keymer

Participating in the event were 45 competitors—now open to all GMs as well as the top-10 women, top-10 juniors, as well as 10 wildcards. The event continues on July 9-10, starting at 9 a.m. PT / 18:00 CEST.

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Live broadcast of this weekend's tournament, hosted by GM Benjamin Bok and IM David Pruess.


Sevian won clear first with 7.5 points―a full point ahead of the field―kicking off the tournament with a 4-0 winning streak. He capped off his streak with a victory over Andreikin, creating an unstoppable checkmate threat. 

Sevian also achieved a key win over Aronian by intentionally allowing a knight fork to later trap his opponent's rook.

The 14th world champion, Vladimir Kramnik, made his first appearance in the event and defeated Sevian in round five. 

Kramnik narrowly missed qualifying when he flagged in a winning position against Keymer in the last round. 

Fedoseev finished second, tying with Andreikin, Keymer, and Yoo with 6.5 points. In round six, Fedoseev managed to convert an equal bishop ending into a win against GM Maxim Matlakov.

Andreikin scored a key victory against GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov in round three, capping off a three-game winning streak.

Keymer defeated GM Alexander Grischuk in the penultimate round, using tactical play to convert his kingside pressure into a material advantage. Can you figure out how?

Yoo won a critical game against GM Levon Aronian in round seven by exerting positional and tactical pressure in the center in a queenless middlegame.

Saturday Swiss | Final Standings (Top 20)

Number Rk Fed Title Username Name Rating Score SB
1 12 GM Konavets Sam Sevian 2752 7.5 36.75
2 5 GM Bigfish1995 Vladimir Fedoseev 2753 6.5 33
3 3 GM FairChess_on_YouTube Dmitry Andreikin 2803 6.5 29.75
4 21 GM VincentKeymer Vincent Keymer 2672 6.5 29
5 20 GM ChristopherYoo Christopher Woojin Yoo 2693 6.5 24.5
6 8 GM mishanick Alexey Sarana 2719 6 32.75
7 19 GM Duhless Daniil Dubov 2661 6 24.75
8 26 GM Shield12 Shamsiddin Vokhidov 2632 6 22.5
9 1 GM daro94 Dariusz Swiercz 2612 6 18
10 18 GM BillieKimbah Maxim Matlakov 2641 5.5 21.25
11 13 GM Grischuk Alexander Grischuk 2680 5.5 18.5
12 2 GM VladimirKramnik Vladimir Kramnik 2702 5 26.25
13 4 GM GMWSO Wesley So 2727 5 25.75
14 10 GM Parhamov Parham Maghsoodloo 2686 5 21.25
15 11 GM champ2005 Raunak Sadhwani 2675 5 20
15 14 GM LiemLe Liem Le 2668 5 20
17 16 GM ChessWarrior7197 Nodirbek Abdusattorov 2664 5 19
18 6 GM viditchess Vidit Gujrathi 2702 5 17
19 31 GM TigrVShlyape Gata Kamsky 2549 4.5 16
19 17 GM Jospem Jose Eduardo Martinez Alcantara 2642 4.5 16
19 15 GM dropstoneDP David Paravyan 2643 4.5 16
22 29 GM GeorgMeier Georg Meier 2551 4.5 13.25

(Full final standings here.)


Vokhidov knocked out the Swiss winner, Sevian, in the first match of the quarterfinals, outplaying him in a time scramble in a complex position. Sevian missed a key winning opportunity on move 44. Can you find it?

Yoo defeated Keymer using tactical play to support his passer's journey down the board in the rook-and-knight ending.

Dubov defeated Fedoseev by finding an opportunity to run a passed b-pawn down the board, even at the cost of a knight.

By sinking his pieces into Sarana's kingside, Andreikin won the last quarterfinals match.

The semifinals kicked off with Yoo winning against Vokhidov by gradually outplaying him in a knight vs. bishop ending.

Andreikin and Dubov drew in a closely-fought rapid game, finishing in an opposite-color bishop ending. In their blitz playoff, Andreikin sacrificed an exchange for two pawns, but in the resulting ending, his knights struggled against Dubov's rook.

In the final, Dubov discovered a tactical combination to capitalize on his active pieces and advanced passer against Yoo and clinched his first Rapid Chess Championship victory.

Dubov played clean chess throughout all of his matches and proved difficult to defeat. His performance was especially impressive considering that he started with the black pieces in each match of the knockout. 

In his winner's interview, Dubov shared what inspired him to play this weekend: “I should also thank Vladimir Kramnik who was the only reason I played this week, to be honest. Yesterday I was originally going to skip… I just didn’t feel like playing. It’s summer after all. Then, two hours before the tournament, he starts texting me: ‘How should I register for the tournament?’ and so on. Twenty minutes later, I thought… maybe I should play myself.” 

I should also thank Vladimir Kramnik who was the only reason I played this week...

-Daniil Dubov

Standings, Results, Prizes

The winner of the Swiss tournament is Sevian, and the winner of the knockout tournament is Dubov. Below are the full standings and prizes of the knockout:

Sunday Knockout | Final Standings

# Fed Player Place Prize
1 Daniil Dubov Winner $7,500
2 Christopher Yoo Finalist $3,500
3-4 Dmitry Andreikin Semifinalist $2,500
3-4 Shamsiddin Vokhidov Semifinalist $2,500
5-8 Sam Sevian Quarterfinalist $1,000
5-8 Vladimir Fedoseev Quarterfinalist $1,000
5-8 Alexey Sarana Quarterfinalist $1,000
5-8 Vincent Keymer Quarterfinalist $1,000

The Rapid Chess Championship is a weekly tournament held by It is a nine-round Swiss event with a 10+0 time control held every Saturday, followed by a knockout event on Sunday between the top-eight finishers and a 10+2 time control. If players draw, they play a 3+2 game; if drawn, they play a 1+1 game; and if that is drawn, a single armageddon game is played.

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