GM Alexander Grischuk

Full name
Alexander Grischuk
Oct 31, 1983 (age 35)
Place of birth
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

One of the best blitz chess players in the world, having won the World Blitz Championship and held one of the highest online blitz ratings ever, Alexander Grischuk is also an incredibly strong player at longer games. He has played in many Candidates tournaments, attempting to challenge for the World Championship. Despite having fallen short each time so far, he is currently the third best player in the world and has a very bright future ahead of him, surely challenging for the World Championship within a short time.

Alexander Grischuk became an International Master in 1998 and a Grandmaster in 2000. He has had many opportunities to qualify for the World Championship but has always fallen short. In 2000, the same year that he became a Grandmaster, he made it to the semi-finals of the FIDE World Championship. In 2004 he reached the quarter-finals of the same tournament before losing to Rustam Kasimdzhanov who went on to win the championship that year. In 2009, Grischuk won the Russian Championship in his home country. In 2012, he reached the finals of the Candidates tournament, losing to Boris Gelfand who went on to play against Viswanathan Anand in the World Championship match that year. Grischuk used his blitz prowess in order to advance through the matches, using a plan of getting each match to be tied heading into the blitz tie-break and winning each of his matches in the tie-break. Unfortunately this strategy didn’t work against Gelfand in the final round. Grischuk is one of the best blitz chess players in the world, having once held the record for highest rating ever on the Internet Chess Club. He won the 2006 World Blitz Championship and came in second in the 2012 version. Nowadays he continues to be among the elite chess players, being ranked as high as third in the world.

Best Game

Most Played Openings

White Pieces
Gruenfeld Defense (20) : D85 D97 D90 D92 D86
King's Indian Attack (22) : A07
Dutch Defense (12) : A81 A80 A86
Reti Opening (40) : A06 A05 A04 A09
Semi-Slav Defense (30) : D43 D44 D45 D47 D46
King's Pawn Opening (4) : B00 C44
Modern Defense with 1.e4 (3) : B06
Petrov's Defense (42) : C43 C42
Scotch Game (5) : C44 C45
Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack (1) : A01
Pirc Defense (21) : B07 B09 B08
Bird's Opening (1) : A02
Hungarian Opening (5) : A00
Scandinavian Defense (19) : B01
Four Knights Game (10) : C49 C46
Queen's Pawn Opening (19) : D02 D00 A40 A41
Bishop's Opening (5) : C24 C28 C26
Giuoco Piano Game (7) : C51 C50 C53
London System (5) : A48
Alekhine Defense (18) : B04 B03 B05
Queen's Gambit Accepted (17) : D20 D22 D24 D27 D21
Queen's Indian Defense (30) : E18 E15 E12 E17
Bogo-Indian Defense (10) : E11
Italian Game (2) : C55 C59
Lion Defense (3) : B07
Modern Defense (19) : B06 A42 B07
Trompowsky Attack (2) : A45
Benko Gambit (1) : A57
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (2) : D71 D73
Philidor Defense (7) : C41
Vienna Game (1) : C25
Semi-Slav Defense Accepted (1) : D44
Benoni Defense (6) : A61 A63 A56
Undefined (1) : A00
Benko Gambit Fully-Accepted (1) : A58
King's Gambit Accepted (4) : C34 C39 C36
Black Pieces
Giuoco Piano Game (33) : C50 C53 C51 C54
Torre Attack (8) : A48 A46
Petrov's Defense (11) : C42 C43
Three Knights Opening (1) : C46
Scotch Game (33) : C45 C44
London System (5) : A48
Reti Opening (35) : A04 A06 A05
Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack (6) : A01
Bishop's Opening (4) : C24 C26 C28
Italian Game (2) : C55
Dutch Defense (5) : A84 A80 A86 A90
Hungarian Opening (7) : A00
King's Indian Attack (13) : A07
Four Knights Game (11) : C48 C46 C47
Pirc Defense (24) : B07 B08 B09
Queen's Pawn Opening (18) : A40 D02 A41 D00
Trompowsky Attack (9) : A45
Queen's Indian Defense (44) : E16 E17 E18 E12 E15
Vienna Game (1) : C26
Caro-Kann Defense (55) : B10 B11 B13 B18 B12 B19
Modern Defense (1) : B06
Catalan Opening (18) : E00 E01 E04 E05
Queen's Gambit Accepted (15) : D22 D20 D25 D27 D21
Bird's Opening (1) : A02
Benoni Defense (3) : A56 A68
Modern Defense with 1.e4 (2) : B06
Philidor Defense (2) : C41
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (3) : D71
Scandinavian Defense (1) : B01
Bogo-Indian Defense (6) : E11
Anderssen Opening (1) : A00
Semi-Slav Defense (21) : D43 D47 D45 D44
Alekhine Defense (1) : B04
Semi-Slav Defense Accepted (1) : D44
Old Indian Defense (1) : A53
Tarrasch Defense (21) : D34 D32
Saragossa Opening (1) : A00
King's Gambit Accepted (2) : C39 C33
King's Pawn Opening (1) : C20