Encontre um Clube de Xadrez

TatianaKel2009 and her friends
Привет! Меня зовут Таня, и это мой клуб  TatianaKel2009 and her friends .  Присоединяйся, даже если ты мне не друг, мы подружимся, и я буду рада! ...
Taça Piraí de Xadrez Feminino On-line
Clube exclusivo para o público feminino que irá participar da II TAÇA PIRAÍ DE XADREZ FEMININO ON-LINE.  LEIAM O REGULAENTO COM ATENÇÃO: http://x...
Saint Louis Chess Club
You will have to join this Group if you are playing online Chess events in September.
Pratham's Gang
Ello everyone, mai nam is Pratham, This club is meant for everyone who wanna hv fun. So pls join and have fun. Rules:- No spammingPromotion based...
California Unicorns PCL Arena Royale
California Unicorns PCL Arena Royale club. Only registered players will be admitted.
Alexandra Samaganova Fan Club
Official Fan Club of Alexandra Samaganova - WFM from Kyrgyzstan, 4-time Kyrgyzstan Women's Chess Champion, Member of a National Team since 2002. T...
Savannah Chess Club
This club is for Savannah condo park members  
Ajedrez Paraguay
Este es el grupo oficial para los ajedrecistas paraguayos en Chess.com. Todos aquellos jugadores que quieran representar a Paraguay serán bienvenid...
Perseus' Hangout
An offshoot of Perseus' Hangout No. 2.0  .  https://www.chess.com/club/perseus-hangout-no-2-0 . If you want to expand your club's numbers, just jo...
Amizade Brasil
Somos um Clube de Xadrez para Brasileiros. Nosso objetivo é jogar Xadrez e se divertir com respeito e honestidade e fazer amizades. Jogamos todas a...
Canada Chess Youth Club     CCYC
CCYC-Canada Chess Youth Club was built in 2016 and become the largest chess training institutions in Canada. We provide multiple choices for the ch...
Anti-Pigeon's-Army Faction
We will fight the Pigeons and APF till our last breath. Join us in our rightful cause.   Prerequisite for Joining: Pledge Allegiance to the ANTI-AN...
भारत/ BHARAT
Namastey to all Bharatiyas !!! " Bharat" - is the original name of our country , ' India'- is the name attached by Greeks & popularized by Brit...
United Nations Parrottopia-pigeon and APF security council
This is the official United Nations Council for SA's of Parrottopia, pigeon army and APF
UVic Chess club
This is the chess club of University of Victoria!
ChessMood is created by Grandmasters for chess enthusiasts! Visit our website and supercharge your chess skills. https://chessmood.com/
Team Afghanistan Amateurشطرنج بازان آماتور افغانستان
Hello To all chess lovers. Lets play chess and enjoy. سلام به تمام هم وطن های عزیز. خوش آمدید به افغانستان شطرنج. اینجا خانه شطرنج برای تمام افغا...
Love Chess Online
CLB sẽ tổ chức giải thường xuyên cho các thành viên trong group giao lưu và học hỏi với nhau. Cuối tuần sẽ có giải đấu arena cho mọi người giao lưu...
BULGARIA  - chess    academy
Za vsichki balgarski igrachi koito praviat parvi stapki v chaxa.
Crna Gora
This is the group representing ''Montenegro'' in the Chess.com World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in World League Matc...
Dnepr ChessClub
Клуб международного гроссмейстера Геннадия Михайловича Гутмана и его ученицы Анастасии Васильевны
ROMANIA LIVE CHESS își propune alcătuirea unei echipe cât mai puternice, care să poate concura cu succes împotriva altor cluburi similare înscrise ...