Encontre um Clube de Xadrez

atwood's International club of chess
this is a club where you can get away from the world and play chess ;although, we can talk about the world as well. We will have team matches and m...
Philippine Chess League National Team
This club is designed for Philippine Chess League National Team only. Only the select players are legible to play.
Alabama Chess
The Alabama Chess group is open to Alabama chess enthusiasts, specifically residents, or those with a connection to living in the State.  Please fe...
Team Castilla y León
Este club nace para reunir a todos los aficionados del ajedrez con alguna vinculación con Castilla y Leon y que quieran competir juntos en los torn...
Chess Chillers
This is the official club for Charly Sardo Gaming streaming at https://www.facebook.com/charlysardogaming. Join us to take part in tournaments.
Rob's USCF Tournaments Club
A Club of those invited interested in USCF online rated chess, if you want to join the club, you must be A united states chess federation member. ...
Apes United
"Apes Alone Weak; Apes Together Strong quote from the movie, Planet Of The Apes. It is very true as well. We are all stronger together. I am askin...
Norfolk Knights
This is the Norfolk Knights Chess Team. We play in the UK and Ireland chess county championships.  We represent Norwich in the World Cities League....
Kings and Queens Chess Club
Hi to All!  We are a club with not too many members, and all of you are invited to be here. All club members are ACTIVE ones. We don't want to b...
Assabiyyah 🤲
Wizard Chess
We were inspired to create this group in honour of Harry Potter and the wonderful game called Wizard Chess.
Chess Boot Camp
For improving chess players (500-1200) only. A place to get free help and coaching from more experienced players (1200-1500+).
Team Match Chess
For players who want to play chess matches and take part in Daily League and Vote Chess league's.  We play standard Daily Matches, 960 Matches and...
Let's Castle
A chess club that does daily time control tournaments. 
Klub dla Szachistek i Szachistów
English Chess Federation - Members
ECF Members  - This is the official Chess.com Club of the English Chess Federation open to ECF members and supporters who will be eligible to play ...
Sudan Group
this group for all sudanese peoples and sudan lovers, don't hesitate join and be active member he in your group (sudan group) you are welcome . ه...
Chess Champ
Chess Champ is an International chess club with members all over the world. We play Daily chess, chess 960, vote chess and Live chess. We make tour...
Lek en Linge
This club is designed to support Chess Flexpluslessons at Lek en Linge.
Chess University - Colombia
Chess University Affiliate Club para los residentes de Colombia que desean mejorar en el ajedrez. Este club sirve para ayudar a la comunidad de aje...
Chatur-anga Petrichor'23 Round 2
Create for Round 2 of Chatur-anga...