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  • | Sep 2, 2010

Chess.com is the #1 online chess community with more than 9 million members from around the world! Chess.com provides a safe and enjoyable environment where chess players of all skill levels can learn, play, and enjoy the game together.

Chess.com is built and managed by a team of dedicated chess players and web developers:

Support Team

Our support team works all day and night to help you make the most of your Chess.com experience! To contact them, please visit Support - thanks!


Jules (kohai)
United Kingdom
Site Experience Manager


Matt (patzer24)
Billing & Member Services

I do so much for Chess.com and Chesskid.com that I can't explain it all in one small space! Site Experience Manager of Chess.com, Site Manager of Chesskid.com, Member support, staff training, support management, QA, manage live chess and all site moderators... I basically keep my finger on the pulse of Chess.com and Chesskid.com!

Even though I'm a beginner, I have a passion for chess. I'm happy and lucky that it has brought me to such a great site with amazing people who share a love of this game with. In my spare time I'm a keen Astronomer and astro-photographer


I am the man who takes care of your every billing and membership need. I also do a lot of behind the scenes tasks in the up keep of the chess end of things on the website.

Chess is my life, that is why I am here, duh! When I am not on here doing what I do you will probably find me at a real life chess tournament.


Member Support


Member Support

I work on the small things to keep everyone happy so that you guys can focus on your skills :)

Outside of work, I like spending time with my two dachshunds (Schnitzel and Luna) and keeping up with new technology trends.


I'm part of Chess.com's support team, here to offer my assistance when you need it so that you can fully enjoy your stay with us :D 

Outside of Chess.com I love to fly fish as well as wander through nearby forests.


Member Support


South Carolina
Member Support & Content Editor

I help out with member support along with my amazing teammates on Chess.com. We are like the Three Amigos, except there are more than three of us. Wherever there is injustice, we’ll be there, whenever there is disconnection, you will find us. . . here. I am highly motivated by gratitude for a job well done.

I enjoy mountain biking, going to the beach, hanging out with my nieces, and teaching Public Speaking at the college level. I like collecting jokes, listening to music, and sharing meals with friends. I am a cancer survivor. My ultimate idea of a good time is a spontaneous dance party where there is endless guacamole.


I wear two hats for Chess.com. First, I'm here to make sure technical problems do not get in the way of your chess experience. Secondly, I edit the chess news articles to make sure their content sparkles.

In my personal life I like to play tournament chess (badly), write sci-fi and fantasy literature (slightly better than I play chess), and enjoy long walks on the . . . wait, what is this blurb for again?



Our team loves chess and is dedicated to creating the best possible place to enjoy chess on the internet.


IM Danny Rensch
VP of Content & Professional Relations

  Mike Klein

FM Mike Klein
North Carolina
Director of Content

Try to say "I do chess for a living..." and not smile. You can't. It's impossible. Seriously, I'm the luckiest guy in the room: A Chess Professional who somehow managed to turn his love and knowledge of the game into the best job in the world! Though I don't play much actual chess myself these days, I'm proud to be the guy in charge of all the chess content you enjoy here. I take every chance I get to record videos and host Chess/TV shows myself, but "in between sets", I'm fortunate to work with an amazing team of amazing people doing amazing things.

Love the wife. Love the kids. Love the life.


FM stands for Fun Master. My favorite chess piece is the pencil on the scoresheet. I like writing about chess more than playing in tournaments, and Chess.com weirdly allows this blasphemous mindset. I'll take it! I report on tournaments, do live commentary, edit lots of videos and articles, and keep Chesskid.com running smoothly. I'm like a slightly older, less loquacious, lower-rated version of Danny.

I like to travel, play tennis, bike, and play with my kitten, Ipso Facto.

Chess.com Peter Doggers

CM Peter Doggers
Director of Content


Web and Interaction Designer

Besides many different "little things", I am responsible for keeping you updated on the chess news. As a chess fan I can hardly imagine a better job, so I feel lucky and privileged to be able to do this for a living! I founded ChessVibes.com in 2007. In September 2013, Chess.com "proposed" to ChessVibes, and ChessVibes said yes! My site was acquired, and I was hired full time. The result? A great chess platform with great content (ahum).

I live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend and Miep, our lovely cat. I like outdoor activities and (rock) music. And chess, of course!


I do my best to help make Chess.com simple, easy, and fun to use.

My passions in life include spending time with my wife and kids, running, cycling, snowboarding, hiking, camping, sushi, experiential learning, and creating cool stuff.


Projects & Social Media


Operations & Growth

In return for helping to design cool new features, I get to play with them first - and then tease everyone about it on Facebook & Twitter.

I actually do still enjoy chess quite a bit, but I also love to stay a few steps ahead of my inner lazy slob by running at least 20 miles a week.


I manage our ad inventory, demand generation, marketing optimization, and general business operations.

I'm a professional snow/skateboarder; not in the sense that I actually get paid to do it or that I am any good, but I do handle myself professionally. Fortunately, I love internet business and marketing too!


Michael P.
Video Editor

  ben finegold

GM Ben Finegold
Saint Louis 
Commentator & Special Contributor

As a video editing guru, I put together the videos and make ChessTV better.

I also direct short films and enjoy writing for a variety of publications. I'm often found in the gym when not playing chess or spending time with my awesome wife. 


I make entertaining videos on a variety of topics including live commentary for the monthly Death Matches, Pardon Our Blunders Monthly Show, and other live events.

I started playing tournament chess at the age of 6. I became a USCF Master at 14 and an International Master at 20. I've been a professional chess instructor and active tournament player, coaching players of all strengths from just learning the rules to International Master and worked with several Grand Masters too. I became an International Grand Master in 2009. I've also won several major events including the World Open, US Open, and National Open.


Developers & Engineers

Our incredible engineers build all of the amazing stuff you see on the site. All of them are top of their field and have created the most technically advanced chess site out there!


Live Chess Architect


Director of Engineering

I've been here from the very beginning mainly focused on Live Chess (my passion) and coordinating all related projects and working with amazing people.

I like photography and playing board games and I love to spend time with my family.


I'm a hip young techie who could hip-hop, bebop, code till ya drop, and yo, yo, make a wicked script of q-co-do.

Besides that, I help with team management, code improvements/features, making everyone laugh, and secretly keep a scrapbook of funny conversations our team gets into.


JavaScript & Live Developer


Director of Engineering

I work with all things Live Chess and blame Internet Explorer for all my bugs!

I'm also a pianist and composer, former classical and now a rock/pop artist.


I'm one of the website developers, coding on Chess.com since just a few months after it was born. I fix things and build foundation-level stuff, and if I do it right then you won't notice much except a general increase in awesome.

Outside of work, I write screenplays and am finishing my first novel — it must be a long-term passion, because I've been "finishing" it for years now. :)


Live Chess Java Developer


PHP Developer

I'm a Java Developer focused on LiveChess server, LiveChess Client API and other stuff like Chess Bots (computer players), monitoring applications, etc.

I'm also a fan of Star Wars :) May the Force be with You!


Im in charge of creating awesome features and fixing bugs on the website.

When I'm not coding, I like to swim, play tennis or drive to beatiful places near my city (beach or mountains). I enjoy good food and tv shows.


iOS Developer


Systems Administrator

I work on iPhone/iPad app and serving Chess.com users is the best feeling I've ever had throughout my career.

I think that the universe is a discrete continuity system where every distance is infinite and zero at the same time. Yeap, that's right. I'm crazy! :D


I take care of the servers/network/backups and other systems infrastructure stuff.

When not working I either spend time with my family or do an occasional outdoors recreational activity.


Android/Java Developer


Web Dev

I'm a Java and Android Developer and I enjoy working at the best company in the world! :-)

I live in Ukraine but speak Russian. I spend my free time with my daughter and wife.


lI began my interest in computers at an early age spending hours hacking away on my Commodore 64. I consider myself a jack of all programming languages and master of none. Before coming to chess.com I was working on my own startup focused on mobile web apps for small businesses.

I am married with two beautiful children. I hail from the US Midwest. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my kids, cycling and playing football and baseball with my son. I'm also a certified BBQ judge and spend many weekend during the summer judging contests.


Android Developer



Chef M Jablecki
PHP Developer

I work on making the Android app use the latest technologies and designs. I hope you enjoy Chess.com while traveling!

I'm learning to be a father of 2 kids. I like mountain biking with the family, and during the cold siberian winter I drink hot tea and eat awesome home-made cakes and cookies (of course after playing with bears on the street).


Tearing up the code base with Symfony and PHP with Angular. Doing my part to improve developer tools, in house. Generally having a blast coding.

When I'm not coding for chess.com, I'm coding hobby projects, trying pathetically hard to play keyboard and guitar, cooking delicious food, or playing poker, boardgames or videogames with friends.


Alex K
PHP Developer


PHP Developer

I'm a core developer. I've joined Chess.com recently and my job is to bring modern coding standards to the project and add new features to speed up the site and make it more convenient for users and developers.

I love to play sports. I was once an avid soccer player and powerlifter, but now spend most of time practicing Sambo, a popular form of mixed martial arts. I also enjoy travel and photography.


I work on developing features for the next version of chess.com including articles, news, lessons... I am also helping the new API team fix bugs and build a new version of the API.

I like to play all kinds of sports, mostly basketball, tennis, handball etc, and also like to travel a lot and party :)


PHP Developer


PHP Developer

I'm the guy who brings modern RESTful API to awesome Chess.com platform so our mobile applications get even better! Very passionate programmer, good friend, like to play sports, travel, hang out with my friends and everything that is considered good in life :)

I also play guitar and since music is one of the most important things in my life, I like to play it often :D


Professionally: Polyglot hacker, knowledge hunter, documentation vacuum.

Personally: Young Canadian, kitty daddy, and husband.


Buenos Aires, Argentina
iOS Developer


Mike D
Texas, USA

I'm an iOS developer who likes to lay out user interfaces until they look pixel perfect! I also like learning about new technologies, and making sure that coding standards and best practices are being followed. I also like developing and designing games!

In my free time I love to watch and play soccer, and to goof around with my nephews!


Comfortable developing in any language.

Never met a dog I didn't take in.


PHP Developer


PHP Developer

Developing web applications by using PHP is my main occupation in last five years. I am passionate about Web technologies and creating new features on the Internet and make it a better place to live in. I am helping Chess.com to provide better API integration within our system.

I am Web Developer, coming from Belgrade, Serbia. When I am not programming, I like to spend some time with my two awesome kids, enjoying in long mountain walks, sports, fishing, hanging out with my friends. Also I like to travel and meet other cultures and new peoples.


I'm a Web Developer usually found working with PHP and Symfony.

When not in front of a computer, I enjoy the outdoors, football (the kicking the ball kind), traveling and learning about new things and cultures.


WebGL / Flash Developer


ChessKid.com PHP Developer

I'm building a cool 3D chess board using WebGL.

I'm a man who likes cats, wolf howls and tries to improve himself!


I’m working every day to make ChessKid.com more and more amazing, and I’m happy to be a member of such a great team!

I love to play soccer and I’m playing it from my age of 8, in last 14 years I’m an active player of a local club. Beside sports, I like to travel and visit new places and learn about cultures, hang out with friends, watch a good movie or tv show for relaxing.


Android Developer


Front End Developer

I'm an android developer. In Chess.com team I am newcomer :). I am working on making android app better, smarter and faster.

I like to spend free time with my wife and two little daughters.


As a part of the FrontEnd team, I work on improving UI of chess.com web application and making best possible experience for our users... AngularJS FTW! :)

I need to add more to my bio..


Content Contributors

So many people have contributed to the incredible teaching materials available on this site, but we'd especially like to recognize the significant contributions of:

Julio_Becerra.gif GM Julio Becerra
  vbhat.gif GM Vinay Bhat
energia.gif WIM Iryna Zenyuk
  Gserper.gif GM Greg Serper
thamizhan.gif GM Magesh Panchanathan
  arunabi.gif GM Arun Prasad
Silman.gif IM Jeremy Silman
  charlesgalofre.gif FM Charles Galofre
Video Lessons and Production
Shankland.gif GM Sam Shankland
video lessons, chess mentor, articles, chesstv
  GMMelik.gif GM Melikset Khachiyan
Video Lessons
jfriedel.gif GM Josh Friedel
Video Lessons, Chess.comTV Commentator
  ImmortalTechnique.gif FM Elliott Liu
Video Lessons, Chess.comTV Commentator
TigerLilov.gif IM Valeri Lilov
Video Lessons
  erictangborn.gif IM Eric Tangborn
Chess Mentor Author
EugenePerelshteyn.gif GM Eugene Perelshteyn
Video Lessons
  JRLOK.gif GM Roman Dzindzichashvili
Video Lessons
Natalia_Pogonina.gif WGM Natalia Pogonina
  GNarayanan.gif GM GN Gopal
kaidanov.gif GM Gregory Kaidanov
Video Lessons
  Nezhmet.gif IM Mark Ginsburg
Video Lessons, Chess.comTV Commentator
dbojkov.gif GM Dejan Bojkov
Author, Video Lessons, Chess Mentor Author
  johngrefe.gif IM John Grefe
Chess Mentor Author
Trendle.gif IM Thomas Rendle
Video Lessons
  AlexanderL.gif GM Alex Lenderman
Video Lessons
MusicCityMaster.gif FM Todd Andrews
Video Lessons
  JoelBchess FM Joel Banawa
Chess Mentor Author
IMBryanSmith.gif IM Bryan Smith
Author, Chess Mentor Author
  sultanofkings.gif GM Jon Ludvig Hammer
Ambassador & Chess.comTV Commentator
MacMolner.gif IM Mackenzie Molner
Video Lessons
  CamillaB.gif WGM Camilla Baginskaite
Video Lessons
stopinsky.gif IM Jacek Stopa
Video Lessons
  Alex King NM Alex King
Chess Mentor Lessons
dpruess IM David Pruess 
Friend and Special Content Contributor
fr0ggE David Petty
Friend and ChessKid Contributor
GeniusKJ GeniusKJ (aka Kairav) 
Chess University and Mentor Lessons


Chess.com is owned and managed by two long-time friends and chess players. They met as college freshman where Jay - the university chess club president - taught Erik to play chess!


Co-founder and CEO


Co-founder and Advisor

I steer the ship!

I love chess (duh!), crossfit, and spending time with my beautiful wife and four amazing kids!


Here from the beginning! I guide the company in the right direction on the tech front.

I love to golf and play video games!


Michael Szalontay


I am an advisor to Chess.com. I believe that the modern Internet is perfect for intellectual gaming and chess is the most popular human mind game. An avid chess fan and player myself, I am very enthusiastic about the success of Chess.com and enjoy my role in helping the team.

I am Hungarian/Russian and I work in venture capital where I get to meet and help many talented entrepreneurs.



» Have a question or want to be a part of the team? Then click here to contact us!

» Need some help? Then click here to visit the Help & Support Forums!


  • 3 months ago



    Would like options for the PGN though. Some items I'm just not interested in. OTOH you could add everything!!! Start Time / Duration added please. Save in a cookie?

    I'm positive others.. like me.. have built excel/access applications "driven" with data from PGN files. Maybe an upload area for that stuff?

    My last Excel effort was for the qatar 2014 tournament. I noticed that the PGN they supplied for all of their games had a space after the dot for their moves but you don't so had to "massage" that. Is there a standard?



  • 3 months ago


    Great work all round - really enjoy using chess.com

    Neil Parker


  • 3 months ago


    como  le hago para hacer el enroque entre torre y rey.

  • 3 months ago


    ¡Por favor, sea relevante, útil y agradable!

  • 3 months ago


    I get fed up of players who make derogitary remarks and then disconnect when they get into a bad position, especially when the site gives them 2 mins to reconnect.

  • 3 months ago



  • 3 months ago


    you lot have done an amazing job here at chess.com thankyou i wish you a cracking festive season

  • 3 months ago


    mi ste  accusando  di interrompere il gioco ,  è  falso   e  mi penalizzate  di 5  minuti tutte  le volte x  favore fate attenzione  grazie  

  • 3 months ago


    I am

  • 3 months ago


    My husband paid the platinum membership of 41 euros for one year, for me, but you have not yet set a sign (crown) next to my name. How many days do I have to wait?

  • 3 months ago


    I am so glad my friend Jim told me about chess.com..  I love it and I love the game.I have yet to experience the negative that some members have encountered. I have made many friends around the free world and would not trade that for anything.  There is enough hate in this world already, we do not need any more.  Chess is a game, a game to enjoy, So enjoy it and treat the folks you play with respect.  I'm just happy to be a part of chess.com and it is a big part of my life, I hope that I can enjoy chess.com. for the rest of my life.  THANKS CHESS.COM for being here for me.

    Jack (bebopaloua)

  • 3 months ago


    It is very good site.. I enjoying very much.. having friends through Playing... I never thought that I will have a chess players has a freinds from web sites.. due to this site I had 7 to 8 friends web vedio calls.. become a chess player friends... Thanks a lot.

  • 3 months ago


    how to join the staff

  • 3 months ago


    This is a wonderful site and I love to play here everyday. I do agree with redwick's comments that more should be done to discourage name-calling and other extremely unsportsmanlike behavior by members of this site. One suggestion: there should be a way of flagging players who trash talk other players, sort of just a warning to others that a particular player loves to say f*** off and such things so they can engage him in his own gamesmanship if they want to or avoid him like the plague. Can others make suggestions? Thanks!

  • 3 months ago


    Mark and Redwick ... i used to get such Vitriol on Live Games ...


    only 1 in 30 but it is disturbing, so - I Disabled CHAT in All Live Games,


    just click Settings and DO IT! *,---")

  • 3 months ago


  • 3 months ago


    Wowxa!! You guys are amaxing!


  • 3 months ago


    I wish there was more discouragement of poor sportsmanship on this site.  I would gladly become a paid member, but in game after game the venom that spews forth from some of the players on here, and the notes that are left on profiles using name calling, profanity and just plain degrading remarks would not be tolerated in any chess club I am aware of in the brick and mortar world.  I understand on-line chess has a little more difficulty at control, but more could be done to discourage that kind of behavior.  And before anyone says it, "disabling chat" is not a solution.   You only end up with venom on your profile.  

  • 3 months ago


    i want options to fine all sort of games or players in a vey easy way. for example- if you want to observe hundreds games of TAL or other masters it very simpl-

    i like very mutch your site and as primum member i would like to gat the same option i mention above  

  • 4 months ago


    Good work guys!! 

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