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  • | Sep 2, 2010

Chess.com is #1 in online chess... But who are we? Where did Chess.com come from? Where are we going?

The Beginning
Chess.com started in 2005 when two friends — Jay and Erik (that's me!) — decided the world needed a better chess website. We met 10 years earlier in college, where I first became addicted to chess — and Jay was the chess club president. We became friends through our shared passion for the game.

There were places to play online, but none of them felt like home. We imagined a site where people could build their chess home online and all in one place: to play in a safe and friendly environment, find friends, save their games, tell their chess stories, share ideas, and learn from each other.

I was mid-way through a graduate degree at Stanford and all of my classmates were taking jobs in finance or hot tech companies. But I turned down job offers (including Facebook!) to follow the dream of building the greatest chess site the world had ever seen. And I convinced Jay’s wife to let him join me! Luckily enough, we found out that “chess.com” was coming available in a bankruptcy auction, and we bought the name.

Over the next several years, Jay and I poured our life savings, our hearts, and most of our waking hours into building Chess.com. But we never imagined what it is today!

Chess.com Today
- Chess.com hosts more than one million chess games every day. It’s crazy. Even we can’t believe it!

- Chess.com employs more than 40 people as programmers, content editors, and member support. This team is entirely virtual (no office) and represents 12 countries!

- Chess.com supports more than 20 world class chess players, coaches, and professionals by paying them to create awesome content.

Our Values
Chess.com tries to be more than a chess site. We strive to be a community where chess fans from around the world can feel safe and happy while they grow as chess players. Here's what we believe in:

- Kindness: We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. We encourage everyone to follow the golden rule of treating others how you would like to be treated. Be kind!

- Learning: You never lose when you learn! Life and chess are both about learning, growing, experimenting, failing and then getting back up again with greater knowledge and understanding.

- Joy: We believe in fun, smiles, laughter, and in creating enjoyable experiences for everyone. Chess can be pure joy! The beauty of the game and the pure satisfaction of moving chess pieces around a board… exhilarating!

Meet The Team

erik erik - CEO

My job is to hire people smarter than me - and I did! I am the luckiest person in the world to work with such amazing people on such a meaningful project like Chess.com. I am an avid chess player and love meeting random players from around the world - maybe I will see you over the board!

Team Member - Role

More team member bios coming soon!



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  • 4 months ago


    I have a draw with slavita momir

  • 4 months ago


    For anyone wondering Version 3 is the next version of Chess.com.... I've been one of the members testing it as well as the apps that go along with it.

    Here's some information on V3:


  • 4 months ago


    We are transitioning for V3 -- the About Chess.com Page will be completely different. :) 

  • 4 months ago


    The whole list of staff is gone. This page always showed the many members of the chess.com staff. Has something happened?

  • 4 months ago


    goog site.. for creating a tournament there should be rapid rounds also

  • 4 months ago


    Helpful and fun

  • 4 months ago


    excellant working team,very well organised,wish you all the best.

  • 4 months ago


    I like this site a lot. Hope I can work with them one day.

  • 4 months ago


    Great site, best one there is, only problem is constantly being messaged about cheating 

  • 4 months ago


    what do you mean this is the last day of the free trial?

  • 4 months ago


    is there castling in chess 960?

  • 4 months ago


    is there a glitch in the rating system? My rating dropped 11 points afer I won a game against a higher ranked player.

  • 4 months ago


    Um Hi

    I was in a turnament and my opponent aborted the game and i got a loss i thought it had to be a resignation

    Please let me know

  • 5 months ago


    Hi. Anyone can help me with advertisement on your site? I have a business whose website link I would like to provide on the top or side banners. I have been playing on chess.com for many months and recently thought of supporting chess.com by providing some ads. Please suggest. Regards.

  • 5 months ago


    Vow!! such a great team and effort gone behind chess.com. Never have fathomed the gravity of commitment and professionalism exhibited by such a group of professionals. Great experience, great job guys.. Keep it up..

  • 5 months ago



  • 5 months ago


    I am but a wood pusher .  When I found chess.com, I thought it was a local club somewhere in the cloud with a handle on running a chess site.  I am totally flabergasted by the enormity and diversity of the family that makes up chess.com.  There are many chess sites out there, good ones and not so good ones, but I have to say, of all of them, I find the professionalism by this family to be of exquisite taste and understanding the needs of the clientele .  I look forward to more of the same and to continue to keep the naysayers and "riff-raff" from dominating this site.  Thanks to all of you .    Sincerely, chesttnutty.

  • 5 months ago


    I was in the middle of playing in a Live Chess tournament and some power hungry moderator kicked me out in the middle of the game. Why is that?

  • 5 months ago


    New here - My second live game -I was playing black:

    Noticed my starting set-up showed the QK as a Q and the KK as a R.  When I made the 1st K move with them they turned into Ps but still played as Ks.

    LOL - What's going on?

  • 5 months ago



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