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GargleBlaster's Blog

A blog about chess and related things, such as futility, obsession, despair, and that fleeting moment of happiness when a good move is found.

    • Watch In Awe As I Present A Mediocre Game Of Mine As Pretentiously As Possible

      Hello, I'm a USCF national master and one of the very best players in the history of southwest Arcata.  Did I mention that I'm a national master?  I did?  Oh, OK.  Because I am.  As you might imagine, in my storied chess career I've played q... | Read More

    • The Final Round of the Tromso Olympiad Looms (EDIT: It's Over! Congrats to China, Hungary and India)

      Hello everyone!  The final round of the 2014 Tromso Olympiad is tomorrow, and it's been a topsy-turvy affair.  China has almost sewn up the gold, but the other medals are very much still in play with Hungary currently sitting on silver and a hos... | Read More

    • Several Puzzles From Saturday's Simul

      Last Saturday I did an eleven board simul for the Dan Heisman Learning Center.  It was fun, and the whole thing can be seen via my twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/zugaddict/c/4754890 I'll probably go over some of the games in depth later... | Read More

    • Results of the World's First "Gargle-Simul"

      Hello!  My first official chess.com simul (broadcast at http://www.twitch.tv/zugaddict) was a great success for all involved except, well, me.  The final tally was +4 =2 -4 in spite of several opponents being overcome by pity and offering eithe... | Read More

    • Behold, a New Live Chess Activity: The Gargle-Simul

      Hello everyone.  It's summer, I've a bit of free time for the next few weeks and have decided to squander some of it by giving official simultaneous exhibitions in the live chess area every other day or so.  These will be for roughly a dozen pla... | Read More

    • Chess, Interrupted

      Hello - this is just a quick note to all following this blog that I'm still around, more or less, though less in chess than formerly due to school and other things. That said, my hope is to start a series of articles on the great Saint Petersburg... | Read More

    • GargleBlaster Strikes Back

      Hello, and welcome to the final episode of “How to Make Master In Three Hundred Difficult Steps”. In previous chapters I’ve relived some of my more unfortunate losses, including roughly a half dozen disasters whilst on the brink on 2200 US... | Read More

    • Oregon Fail

      Hello, and welcome to the second to last installment of my increasingly epic saga of one man trying to somehow eek his way to 2200 USCF in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.  In this episode I detail my experiences at the Oregon Summer Open of 2... | Read More

    • Worst. Tournament. Ever.

      “Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make people want to shoot themselves.” - GargleBlaster *** Hello again, and welcome to the, er... actually,  I've lost count of how many blogs/articles (blogicles?) I've now written o... | Read More

    • Auuuuuuuugh

      To those following the ups and downs of Nakamura’s often colorful chess career, yesterday’s collapse in Zurich against Carlsen was without question the most painful of the American’s now numerable reverals against the World Champion. With th... | Read More