BLITZ 960!!!!

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    i also would like 960 live

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    Me too!!!!!!!!!!CoolCool

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    They have 960 on the mobile platforms now.  I played my first 10|0 on my phone earlier today.  Unfourtuanly it looks like the web platform doesn't handle analysis of the game very well

    here is the game:

    As you can see it looks totally blank.  If you download the pgn it does not include our castles (on move 7 for black 8 for white) and then the game desyncs from there (ignores ...Rfc8 and ... Bf8 because it assumes the King is in the way).  Also I cannot see my 960 live rating on the web though I can pull it up on my phone.  Other than that I had really fun expirence so far.  It is also great that 960 has a separate rating than standard blitz, though Bullet, Blitz and Standard 960 are all in the same category.

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    i hope they add this!!

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    Well lets hope they bring it to the website as well soon then...

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