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    himath2009 wrote:

    Ok, Erik, moving games back to center of Home (instead of demoting them to footnote status) was the single most important issue, for me at least. Thank you and the team for restoring this. You will do as you deem proper but, for the site's sake which we all love, do not allow anyone in the future to move games from centerstage where they belong and for all eternity deserve to be... Now, two minor fixes, when you have the time, concerning Team appearance: 1. Admins need to see the matches in progress counter on the groups home page, as before, not only through the public profile. 2. Forum activity needs to be separated from News activity, as before,  otherwise they get no visibility... Be well, Haris


    I think that Notes in the Group Home pages should be limited to, say, 5 to 7 (out of the 10 currently showing) in order to free space and the old "Forum Activity" box be reinstated above the "Recent Activity" one.

    If only the "Recent Activity" panel is showing (as in the new design), the focus on important forums (which are not updated at the same rate as news items, therefore crowded out of attention), will be lost by many members.

    Funny how this "Notes Taking Centerstage" theme is haunting the New Design - the good news is that it can be very easily fixed...

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    In the main menu in the submenu If I click on the icon of, lets say, video lectures nothing happens. I think clicking on the icon should trigger redirect to that page also.

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    why are there so many comments deleted conserning this subject in the different posts? I think in my very humble opinion, the one feature that you have forgotten is the option to choose old or new design



    "moreover it is my opnion that the old design was more practical and should be restored" 

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    Hi, I am having trouble using the analysis board.  For some reason the window does not have a scroll bar and even when I maximize the window it still isn't big enough to reach the buttons that let you undo moves. I tried both iexplorer 9 64 bit and firefox Namoroka 64 bit but i had the same problem. Anybody have a suggestion on how to fix?

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    Also, this is only the case in vote chess analysis.

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    It would be good to have the status option again.

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    To change the design of the page was nonsense. One example: the "remaining time" fast check feature! I am not really interested to know when the last move was made. Note that I have really started to hate every change made on the site, looks the task of somebody who does not have anything better to do, really. Furthermore, I am loosing my enthusiasm to continue supporting the site.  I think I will only honor all my remaining games and then adios !!! YellYell.

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    WiJi wrote:

    why are there so many comments deleted conserning this subject in the different posts? I think in my very humble opinion, the one feature that you have forgotten is the option to choose old or new design



    "moreover it is my opnion that the old design was more practical and should be restored" 

    I don't think there have been comments deleted for that.

    The simple fact is the old design is gone and this is the site design moving forward. Erik has posted that in a number of places.

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    erik wrote:

    we are going to add the option to hide friends lists. 

    Thank you for this one - and the trophies too - it's really a sore eye - clutter clutter clutter - feels like insects wanting to come and sit on me - eeeuw... :)

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    You guys are fantastic. I believe it was a welcome change. This is just what the site needed. 

    I am confident the team and the players will do all we can to keep this site enjoyable. 

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    Congratulations to, this was a great and much needed update to the site design and functionality. It now feels to me clearly superior to the previous version both technically and visually. 


    -New and cleaner look. Great!

    -Pages now load without any reloading of the interface at all (I heard this  referred to as AJAX parsing or something? Anyways, big and important change). This makes the site feel much more streamlined.

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    Eric is there a chance that you tell us why you've made that step??

    Just telling us that is moving forward is not very helpful.

    Is there a new webbie or do you want to win investors or sell or is there another reason?

    and can you please next time send everyone a message so we're not THAT suprised??!!

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    I believe there are 2 things that need improve...

    Speed - faster reaction from our inputs clicks (dont think any keyboard needed)

    Live Chess design - pretty obvious, make similar changes but keep before improve speed reaction and had an option to "press" the clock after moving the piece (to simulate real situation... this would be sweet)

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    chess_kebabs wrote:

    Since you want the suggestions together here in this forum now Erik, will repeat:

    Please add more contrast/sharpness/brightness/vibrancy by bolding up 'some' text. The headings in particular.. it's very flat/dull at the moment. Pt size, font chosen, spacing is all fine for me. Also add a little colour between each comment/post, just to separate comments a little more. It's one extreme to the other from old to  new design, and I think a little "meet in the middle' would be ideal. 

    Also can the trophies  be made identifiable again please. And can we select which trophies can be put in the showcase on your profile, like before. Not a big issue but was a nice feature. 

    you know you're going to make it too "busy". (kidding, I just find people who go a little a nutty about presentation and who say these sorts things ("it's too busy!") amusing and could imagine someone saying this in response to your proposals here)

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    i like the new format. 

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    I closed my facebook acct. over a yr ago from all the tracking bots and what not causing my dial up

    connect to suffer.And take forever to completely Load.. Now with this new site format  Seems the facebook beast shall not

    cease. It would have been good to have a open discussion with the intent to improve

    The functionality and set a more user friendly site into being.. What else has The

    Prevailing principals in store for US Crazy Chess loving Folks.. ...?

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