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Post your most embarrassing games here

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    Roma123smoke wrote:

    this is surely one of the best


    lol good one

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    Cogwheel wrote:



    lol, so many bishops

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    My most embarrassing game that I can recall is my one agaisnt MSC157. I don't recall the full game but we followed the famous Anand Kasparov blitz match until I was up about 4 pawns.

    We drew.


    Now, I can't resist posting one of the most embarrassing games my friend played:

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    I've got several, but one in recent memory was when I played in a tournament last year. I was 3 pawns up on an expert when I hit the 5 minute mark and I managed to lose! Embarassed

    Another 'instructive' gem from my youth that told on my lack of endgame knowledge:

     I resigned here, but white actually blundered. 1...Kc8! leads to a draw

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    You guys have nothing on me.

    This is a real 30|0 game I played embarrassingly recently.

    Unfortunately I played it more than a month ago, so I don't have the PGN in my archives.

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    it's just a pawn, don't resign so quickly. :)

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    charetter's is hilarious

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