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The Prodigies Of Chess (1,110+ members) Scroll down to see the clubs I hold rank on.

"Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything." —Magnus Carlsen (The goat 🐐) 

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Buddy Meter: https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=cbxF6vf

Friend me: https://friend.chess.com/DnmFv

I am currently doing a challenge that I change the flair beside my name once per day. I'm on day ~61/184. 

Also, there is something I do weekly called VC Wednesday, where I made 5 Vote Chess for most clubs I have rank in (name example, POC - Vote Chess #30). If you want me to do it for your club, invite me and give me Admin. I know I only need Coordinator, but I don't like Coordinator. 

Also, the amount of notifications that @Caleb341 (the person that accepts 95% of the VC) and I make is insane. Roughly 5M (5-250 for 100,000+ people). It's fun. 

I do daily puzzles for a number of clubs, including: 

  2. Chess.com Community
  3. Bay Area Chess
  4. iCHESS
  5. Variants are the best
  6. The Cat Appreciation Society
  7. Users Legends Club
  8. Chess Universe
  9. Chess.com vs. ChessKid
  10. The Mark Mental Asylum
  11. Brilliant Chess League
  12. Bubbles Of Chess
  13. SAARC - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
  14. Ellie's Bubbly Club
  15. Hybrid Chess Federation
  16. CR7 club
  17. Leap Year Brigade
  18. House of Turtles
  19. Namaste World
  20. The Geniuses Of Chess
  21. A Planet of Chess

If you want me to do daily puzzles for your club I will IF: it has 1,000+ members and is not really dead or it is very active (if it has 999- members). And I also need to be given Admin or Super Admin to do it (unless the club is big enough and I agree on it.)

Clubs I hold rank on (mostly in order of members, not including HQ's):

Updated every ~3 weeks

iCHESS  (The club I won ownership of)

The Prodigies Of Chess  (My main club)

The Other Club  (The club I was gifted)

VCC - Vote Chess Champions  (My VC club)

1. Super Admin 

  2. Admin

3. Coordinator

Why not lol

Background idea by @GM_of_Australia

Note: My bio is being worked on.