Game Analysis: May 24, 2017

Game Analysis: May 24, 2017

May 28, 2017, 8:31 PM |

It seem that public analysis of chess games is both fun and dangerous. Its fun because other players of varying strength can contribute their thought. While there are at least two dangerous things that can happen with a blog like this. One, trolls may invade, and I cannot enumerate what possibilities can happen. Two, my rivals can peek in my inner thoughts and can prepare for our next match. Nevertheless, the positive side will prevail.


Game 1: King's Indian Defense G2+1

So much for the first game of the day. Winning on time is good, but the opening has not even finished.

 Game 2: French Defense G3+2

 Sacrifice is good if it is sound. I could have lost this game but got lucky. This is a start of a little rivalry between me and hema6773. 

Round 1: Alvin_Cruz = 1; hema6773 = 0


Game 3: King's Indian Defense G3+2

My usual problem with the King's Indian is when my opponent delays castling. I dont have problems when they castle king side or queen side as long as they do it in early opening stage.

Round 2: Alvin_Cruz = 1; hema6773 = 1


 Game 4: French Defense G3+2

Playing with a repertoire helps in having the same middlegame in many games. This gives the player some advantage as being familiar with the position that arise will mean less mistakes and more favorable tactics.

Round 3: Alvin_Cruz = 2; hema6773 = 1


 Game 5: King's Indian Defense G3+2


 Another attempt of the King's Indian Defense. With some improvements by getting used to the delayed castling but still not enough improvement to win.

 Round 4: Alvin_Cruz = 2; hema6773 = 2


 Game 6: French Defense G3+2


Both of us are stubborn by playing an opening that we recently lost to the same guy.

Round 5: Alvin_Cruz = 3; hema6773 = 2 


 Game 7: King's Indian Defense G3+2


Having won on my third attempt with the King's Indian is good. But this is an early Queen Exchange variation of which i have little, if no experience at all. So winning is much more fulfilling.

Round 6: Alvin_Cruz = 4; hema6773 = 2 


 Game 8: French Defense G3+2


Now both of us lost in our pet openings. This really is an exciting match up.

Round 7: Alvin_Cruz = 4; hema6773 = 3 


 Game 9: Modern Defense G3+2


I barely won the last game. hema6773 is getting seious as the games goes by. I might set another blitz battle with him in the future.

Round 8: Alvin_Cruz = 5; hema6773 = 3 


Game 10: Indian Game G45+30

This is the final game of the day. Its my scheduled match in the Slow Chess League.


My opponent is 15 minutes late of the scheduled time. So I am a bit irritated during the game. I lost focus and almost lost the game. I better watch out for such scenario next time. Must have more patience.