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My daughter's first chess game

My daughter's first chess game

Jun 3, 2017, 4:04 AM 13
So my friend here at chess.com gave me a puzzle mate in 3. I find it very difficult so I put the position on a real board. Then comes my daughter to get my board. She's four years and 7 months old so what can a father do but give up the board.
"Papa papa, let's play chess!" my daughter shouted. She had all white pieces in the 1st, 2nd rank and guess what, all Black pieces are at 7th and 8th rank. But then, she invented a new type of fischer random with pawns at the back rank.
My wife called me for the rescue. And I sat on the Black side and fixed the position properly. I let my daughter mimic the position for White, and she did it with little help. Time to play chess. 
Game 1:


Game 2

So I tried to explain check mate. But when she heard that "I cannot capture the Queen" she frowned thinking that I am planning to capture the Queen. haha, we played another game where I thought her again the bishop + Queen check mate. I think its a little early for that because she does not like the Queen beside a king which looks like vulnerable for capture.
It has been several months. From time to time she play chess on a real board. Just playing with the pieces. Then she can operate my chessmaster program and play chess on her own with bunnies and fairies as pieces. Then suddenly she managed to learn how to go to the tutorial section and is learning how the Queen move and capture. She play against rated 400 computer engine at chessmaster. She does not like her Queen to be captured so she just restart whenever that happened.


I am happy that she can wait for me to make a move. Although she will try to make two moves successively, I just tell her that its my turn and she understand and wait for my move.

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