Day 5 at TATA steel chess - The draw I didn't deserve

Day 5 at TATA steel chess - The draw I didn't deserve


Dag allemaal!

Do I really need to write this blog? Do I? These are the things I'm wondering to myself right now, because I played and absolutely HORRIBLE game from the opening which I never deserved to draw. At one point in the game I was even -9.10, oof! Fortunately, Bikky is tricky and I found a way to draw the game with a great tactic, which we will view today in this blog.

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Now, let's get into the game of today! Sigh

My opponent for today was Bas Jonkers, with a rating of 1894. Since I won my game yesterday and I had white this game, I had a lot of faith in myself to win this game smoothly. Boy was I wrong!

In this blog I'll be posting key moments from the game with some commentary, here's the first one:

With my last move Ng5 I made a real amateur mistake: I started to attack before I could develop all my pieces and bring my king to safety. I'm not sure why I played this way, I believe I've gotten cocky over all the victories I've gotten over the past days. A few moves later, we had the following position:

Ouch! My rook is under attack, I'm not developed and several pieces are undefended. What was I thinking!? I'm clearly in trouble here with a pawn down and my rook under attack, which I had to exchange for his knight later in the game. Ouch! Let's look a bit further into the game:

Ok ok, I know what you're thinking. How on earth did you manage to draw this, did you bribe the guy? To be fair, that WOULD be a logical explanation on how I managed to survive this game. The past moves, I've been setting up for a trick, it was all I got. A few moves later, he played the ONE (seemingly logical) move that got me back in the game. Can you find it?

Pfew! I'm back in the game! Now when analyzing this game during my stream, a few viewers asked why black can't just play Kg7 here. Find the correct moves in one go, and you must truly be a titled player!

As you could imagine, my opponent was shaking his head constantly and had his hands in his hair. He was slightly unnamed you could say! He did find some great moves afterwards, and a few moves later we had this position:

Now I'm sure all of you see the trick with Nxe6+ to win the exchange. However, I did not go for this line because I wanted to keep the pawn structure that I had. I'd rather be an exchange down with my king safe, than be a pawn down with an unprotected king. Instead I kept on the pressure with Qd8! The variation after Nxe6+ can be found here:

And that was it! After Qd8 a few more moves followed and a draw was agreed. What were the final moves that led to the draw? Well, take a gander:

I have very mixed feeling about this game. On one end, I'm very, very happy that I managed to keep a draw after being in such a lost position, you could say I was very creative! On the other hand, I was really, really disappointing that I got myself in such a losing game in the first place. And that's why I stand with the title: this is the draw that I didn't deserve.

For complete transparency, this is the full game:

Tomorrow will be the final round of the group, let's hope to win the last one to end TATA steel with a 5/6!

And of course, I need to add a wonderfull thing our own IM Anna Rudolph shared on twitter, enjoy!