Strategic Weakness

Jun 21, 2010, 7:32 AM |

Hi all!

I am in a bind.  I believe that I have a big gap in my chess understanding: Strategy.  All my chess life, I have focused on tactics, believing that they are the crux of chess...  but when there are no tactics on the board, I struggle to find the best move.

So I started looking at the Chess Mentor, studying " Roots of Positional Understanding".  I find that I am failing there, even with problems rated much lower than I am currently at.   I do not really understand why either... and of course, you can't ask CM any questions.

What should I do?  I feel like I am lost.  Is there some awesome book I need to read?  What advice do you have for me?

Any advice would be appreciated!


---- References Recommended ----

Chess Mentor - Lessons in Strategy by Silman. strategy videos.

 "How to Reassess your chess" by Jeremy Silman.

My System by Nimzovich.

Aagaard's book: Exceling at positional chess.

Improve your positional chess, by Carsten Hansen (2004).

Zurich international chess tournament, by David Bronstein (1953).

The complete games of the American World Chess Champion: 1995 edition.

"Chess" by Polgar.

Weapons of Chess by Pandolfini.

"Simple chess" by GM Michael Stean.

"Build up your chess with Artur Yusupov".

Michael Stean's Simple Chess (suitable for people 1800-2100 OTB)

Pachman's Modern Chess Strategy (more advanced ~2000 OTB).

"how to think like a Grandmaster" by Kotov.


Isaac Lipnitsky's Questions of Modern Chess Theory (ICC).

Israel Gelfer's Postitional Chess Handbook (ICC).