In Support Of Ukraine

In Support Of Ukraine

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Following the recent invasion of Ukraine, expresses its strong support for Ukraine and its people.

Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine, among them many chess players and fans and some of our own team members, who are currently in fear and potential danger.

Geopolitics are often compared to chess, but the aggression of the Russian government, which ignores international law and the sovereignty of a democratic nation, has nothing to do with our beloved board game.

We are glad to see that the majority of the chess community has condemned Putin's actions, including many Russian players. It strengthens our belief that the Russian and Ukrainian people are mostly against war.

We have been gratified to see great camaraderie and friendly competition in record-setting matches between Russia and Ukraine on our site, such as a match in May 2020 which was played over 724 boards.

Some prominent chess personalities have expressed the following thoughts:

GM Ian Nepomniachtchi: "History has seen many Black Thursdays. But today is blacker than the others. #нетвойне #saynotowar"

Nepomniachtchi tweet

Russian GM Peter Svidler: "Silence made today possible. #notowar"

Svidler tweet

American GM Hikaru Nakamura: "It has been many years since I was in Ukraine, but to see what is happening now is heartbreaking. Stay strong Ukraine."

Nakamura tweet

Indian GM Vidit Gujrathi: "Tragic & inhumane."

Vidit tweet

Ukraine, stay strong.

Those wishing to direct support to Ukraine may consider these organizations which have a strong track record of providing effective relief in times of crisis and which make it easy to donate.