The Ultimate Rematch! | ChessKids Vs. Streamers

The Ultimate Rematch! | ChessKids Vs. Streamers

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Will ChessKids reign victorious? Or will Streamers even the score? The epic battle of generations returns on May 14!

ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers is a new series in which top young chess players play against some of the strongest titled chess streamers.

The first edition featured chess masters on both sides, including IM Shreyas Royal, FM Ryo Chen, FM James Canty III, and WGM Jovi Houska. With a brilliantly talented line-up, Team ChessKids won 20.5-11.5!

ChessKids Win Big! | ChessKids Vs. Chess Streamers

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Now both teams are back with new recruits:

Team ChessKids: FM Tani Adewumi, FM Brewington Hardaway, FM Alice Lee, and Megan Paragua 

ChessKids are once again leading a fearsome team with a Pro Chess League star player and grandmaster crusher, Alice Lee.

Team Streamers: IM Levy Rozman, WFM Anna Cramling, IM Eric Rosen, and GM Arturs Neiksans

However, Streamers are bringing the fire with Arturs Neiksans and widely popular chess streamer Levy Rozman (GothamChess) joining the team.

Who will win this battle?

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