Upcoming Events: Harvard vs. ChessKid, All-Star Finals, & More!

Upcoming Events: Harvard vs. ChessKid, All-Star Finals, & More!

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As we're nearing the end of the year, let's highlight some exciting events to look forward to as we lead into 2024.

Upcoming Events:

Harvard vs. ChessKid

The prestigious Harvard Chess Club challenges our rising ChessKid stars to a friendly game of hand and brain on Wednesday, November 15th. 

Harvard vs. ChessKid

Representing the Harvard Chess Club, WGM Jennifer Yu and FM Chris Shen will face off against Team ChessKid, with FM Tani Adewumi and IM Alice Lee on the other side of this thrilling match-up.

Can the brilliant college students beat their younger opponents? Or will it be a victory for ChessKids everywhere?

Harvard vs. ChessKid match hosts

Catch the action on with live commentary by IM Kassa Korley and Collegiate Chess League Commissioner Joe Lee.

ChessKid All-Star Finals 2023

Eleven ChessKid Monthly Champions will go head-to-head in the annual ChessKid All-Star Finals on Saturday, December 16th. Who will be crowned the ChessKid Champion of the Year?

ChessKid All-Star Finals 2023

What is the ChessKid All-Star Finals?

The ChessKid All-Star Finals is the end-of-year event following the ChessKid Monthly Championships. The Monthly Championship event is a fun opportunity for ChessKids to compete for the crown of ChessKid Champion of the Year.

Note: All players must be no older than 14 as of January 1st of the championship year.

2022 ChessKid All-Star Finalists in action.
2022 ChessKid All-Star finalists Fciwally and Natwill playing in the deciding match with commentary from FM Mike Klein (FunMasterMike) and NM Lejean-Anusca Madalina-Marina (MonkeyCat).

ChessKid National Festival 2024

We're starting the new year with a bang! The biggest festival in ChessKid history is less than three months away, taking place between February 16-19, 2024. Tickets are limited and selling fast, so secure your spot now!

ChessKid National Festival 2024 vip players

Meet your favorite chess masters: FM Mike Klein (FunMasterMike), IM Levy Rozman (GothamChess), IM Danny Rensch, WGM Jennifer Shahade, FM James Canty, and GM Daniel Naroditsky.

In addition to our previously mentioned chess friends, we're excited to announce GM Judit Polgar's VIP-exclusive online masterclass at the ChessKid National Festival.

ChessKid National Festival 2024 event activities

Enjoy playing tournaments, blitz, bughouse, and more! Become a ChessKid nation champion! And get a signed copy of Levy Rozman's new book?!

ChessKid National Festival 2024 prize opportunities

This fun and educational event will be the experience of a lifetime.

Note: This event is for K-5 kids who want to learn or advance their chess skills while meeting top players and making new friends.