Chess engines - are stupid!!!!!
Imagine how afraid the silicon beat would be here, if it falls into the water - GAME OVER!! (hehehe)

Chess engines - are stupid!!!!!

NM FLchessplayer

Most of the time, all you do is hear me complain about chess engines and cheaters ... how a human has no hope against a chess engine ... 

BUT!!! Did you know there are times that chess engines are absolutely ZERO help? (No, this is not a joke, I am 100% serious!) 

I have LONG said that chess engines were useless in a lost position. BUT! Most people doubted this, or wanted to debate me or show me positions where a chess engine would find great moves and that a chess engine was the ONLY hope of saving a lost position! 

For my part, I knew I was right ... I had too many lost games where I analyzed with a chess engine and it would recommend the most useless move possible. BUT! I was simply waiting ... I knew if I waited long enough - and paid attention to the details - eventually ... ... ... the perfect example would come along. (And now it has.) 

Look at the following position:  

I played 60...Rb1; and actually went on to mate my opponent. (I was helped by the fact that my opponent was in terrible time pressure.) The computer (I.e., Stockfish 10) recommends the WORST possible move of 60...Rd2??; and there is ZERO chance that White might go wrong. (I have a DELL laptop that has two main processors ... the engines do a little better on that machine ... and after several minutes, come up with more reasonable tries. But - of course - by then the engine would have lost on time, since it WAS a 1-0 bullet game ...) 

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This is not my blog - but it is on a similar topic/subject, to wit: The shortcomings of chess engines, especially that of the new version of the scaly things ... that swims in the ocean.  
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