The wonder (magic?) of chess engines!!!
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The wonder (magic?) of chess engines!!!

NM FLchessplayer
Oct 29, 2017, 9:05 PM |

I have literally been using chess engines to analyze chess games ... ever since they were invented. (I remember "Fritz 2" ... believe it or not.) In fact, I used chess engines ... even before they were available for PC's! When I was stationed in Minot, North Dakota; I used my "Fidelity Chess Challenger" on an almost daily basis. Later, I had a Mephisto (table-top) model that was one of the first chess programs to break the 2400 USCF barrier. 

In this blog, I am going to look at famous chess games ... and show you examples of how the engines often find new moves that were previously overlooked by everyone. 

And ... in case you cannot wait for my first entry, click here to go to my "Game of The Month" website ... which is full of examples of games closely analyzed with a chess engine - by yours truly - where {in many cases} I found moves that were overlooked, even by the world's best Grandmasters.  


I feel that I am very lucky, at least in one regard. I read where one writer wrote that "a player the caliber of Capablanca comes along only once every 500 years." Well, I have been blessed that - in my lifetime - I have seen many extraordinary chess talents ... ... ... and three World Champions, (Fischer, Kasparov, and Carlsen); that are those rare chess players that just don't come along every day. (The three that I have listed I feel are recognized as the best players of their generation and maybe should be ranked among the "Top Ten" chess players of all time.) 

Fischer played many wonderful games of chess, his book, "My Sixty Memorable Games of Chess," is recognized as one of the better game collections written by ANY World Champion. (Nunn also did a version of this book, this becomes relevant later.) 

Bobby Fischer played an interesting game against R. Fine, and it was analyzed by Fischer himself in his aforementioned book. (Game # 44.) And I have seen this game analyzed by dozens of GM's, in books, magazines and also on the Internet. 

Without anymore preface, we shall dive into this game ... 



A brilliant game by Bobby Fischer, yes? But where is the (engine) improvement that I promised? 


This is the critical position: 

Another example of the engines finding a move/moves that just about all the humans have missed. 

See this blog ... for examples of moves & variations that the computer can (& will!) find ... ... ... 
that a human might not ever even (seriously) consider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!