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My second "Three-Check" tournament!

My second "Three-Check" tournament!

Sep 24, 2016, 12:27 PM 5

TOURNAMENT (#719328) 3-0 "Three-Check" Tournament - 7 rounds.  
The Tournament has ended! Congratulations to NM FLchessplayer (1st), NM 3ptdka (2nd), SubzeroAk47 (3rd)!

I did very badly in my first "three-check" tournament ... I lost ALL of my games, hehe! (Really!!!) Part of the problem is that the normal rule of "control the center" MUST play second fiddle to the idea of preventing checks!!!!!!! For example, 1.d4!? e6; 2.c4? Bb4+! Now the WK might have to play to the TERRIBLE square of e2, otherwise Black gets a second check and is probably winning. (Once you get two checks, you can throw away 2-3 pieces ... including your Queen!!! ... to get that last check. REMEMBER: The first guy to get three checks ... WINS!!!!!!!!!!)

I have already won a handful of games at three-check, I probably have played a LOT less than 100 games of this variant. (See my blog of variant games for at least one of my wins. One entry shows the type of opening traps you can fall into in this chess variant. For example: 1.d4!? e6; 2.e4?? Bb4+!; 3.c3? BxP/c3+!; 4.bxc3 Qh4!; -+ and White can resign as I think it is impossible to prevent another check on Black's next move.)

Anyway, after LOSING A GREAT DEAL at this at this type of chess, maybe I am finally getting the hang of it! I WON the second tournament ... and won all of my games! (It was only three rounds, as we had less than 10 players, I think that several players quit after the first round.) 

  1. First round, I win quickly ... for whatever reason. (I don't bother posting the link.)
  2. Second Round: I play another NM ... and win a very nice game.
  3. Third and last round: I win VERY quickly, perhaps my opponent is new to this type of chess.) 


In THREE-CHECK ... occasionally you get an opponent who sacks too early ... they get two checks and think that getting the third check will be easy ... but then they run out of gas!
A good example of this kind of strategy!!! 

Against some players, you have to play defense, especially as Black. In this game, I get three checks as Black ... despite the fact that my opponent tries hard ... but never even gets in a single check! A good example of defense - as Black - in a game of three-check! 


I win another three-check (one-minute) tournament, this was my best game.   


I win another three-check (one-minute) tournament (9-0), this was my best game
(Running out of time, I deliver three checks in rapid succession!)   


I won a three-minute (3-0) THREE-CHECK tournament with a perfect 7-0 score. And there are at least two examples of OVER-SACKING!!! ... my opponent sacrifices a ton of material, they get two checks ... but then they run out of gas and are completely unable to that final check. 


My best game of "THREE-CHECK" chess ... from a tournament that I also won.   

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