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A Masterpiece – 2016 Junior High National Championships, Indianapolis, K-8 section, Round 7

A Masterpiece – 2016 Junior High National Championships, Indianapolis, K-8 section, Round 7

Dec 4, 2017, 7:29 PM 0


I entered the last round with 4/6, +4, =0, -2, and was playing Camille Y Kao, a strong 1900 rated player from Texas. Prior to this round, I won my first game fairly easily before getting brushed aside by Wesley Wang, rated 2149, the co-champion of the event with Danial Asaria. On day 2, I won all three of my games, beating a 1400 and 1500 player, and then I scored a memorable upset against Advaith Prabu, a strong expert from Texas, rated 2011, in round 5. In my 6th round, I lost a marathon game against Aristo Liu (2133), which was the longest game in all of the sections. I was having memorable tournament and a memorable month, having previously been crowned Iowa Class A co-champion with Thomas Gaul and John Herr. That event took me to 1834 and took me over 1800 for the first time after losing in the Iowa Barber Championships to a player rated 700. Going into the tournament, many prognosticators didn't pick Northwest Junior High (my team), to finish in the top 20 because our average rating of 1591 was quite a bit lower than the rest of the competition. However, with the combined effort of all of our 4 players, we managed to get 8th place, a great showing for a team that lost Gokul Thangavel, who is now a USCF expert. I had previously played Camille Kao four years earlier at the Supernationals V in 2013. That game ended in draw. So there I was with my mom, trying to relax, rest, and eat in the 30 minutes I had before my last round. Little did I know that I was about to play arguably the best game of my life, and one that had a big impact on the standings. Without further ado, here is my round 7 match of the 2016 Junior High School National Championships:


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