Simple Training Plan Using
A simple training plan using

Simple Training Plan Using

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There was a time when there were very few chess books and chess coaches. Players had to wait many years for a book to come to their doorstep. Today, we have a lot of chess materials, resources and coaches but very less time. In addition to that, Information overload makes it difficult to prioritize the essentials. 

In this article, I propose some simple methods through which you could train on and improve your game. The plan also includes a few things I suggested to my students. 

Before I go ahead with the specifics, I want to share that there is a study plan available categorized based on chess strength compiled by : 

Study Plan Directory

Okay, let's go ahead!

1. Train Tactics

Personally, I recommend training on the Survival mode as there is no time limit attached to the positions. -

Spend a minimum of 30 minutes training your tactical skills. You could add a plus five minute puzzle as a bonus has compiled a list of resources to train your tactics. You could also check that:

Study Plan - Beginners - Tactics

Study Plan - Tactics

There is also another interesting feature you could try for fun:

Try to beat my score  


I got my trophy after the test!

2. Learn theoretical endgames

I would suggest that you incorporate study of at least one theoretical endgame in your chess training session of the day. has compiled a list of things to study if you are a beginner: 

Study Plan For Beginners - The Endgame

3. Study Master Games 

Pick a player and guess the moves made by the master. Studying the master games is essential in order to build an overall understanding of the game. There are collections like "Play Like Daniil Dubov, "Play like Bobby Fischer" and so on - on the site that will make the process interactive. also has lessons by different masters which you can access through

One of the series I like is "5 Most Brilliant Moves" series by Simon Williams

4. Practice Openings

Trying out the openings in your practice games is a sure way to learn more, provided you analyse the opening part after the game. Play a minimum of four games  - 2 with white and 2 with black. Stop there and get your games and see how you did in the openings. Take notes then and there, so that you remember the details and it will aid you when you play that opening again.  

You can play on in TWO clicks!

5. Read Articles 

I'm a fan of blog articles on and have personally gained a lot by studying articles here. Head to  and pick a topic of your choice. My personal favorite blogger is IM Jeremy Silman. You can find his posts here -

I have also written a few posts that helped a lot of chess players. Here are the links:

Summing up, if you are looking for a specific time oriented plan, then this 150-minute plan could work for you:

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Thanks a lot!