Anand's Immortal Chess Game - Aronian Vs. Anand, 2013
Is Anand's 2013 victory over Levon Aronian his immortal game?

Anand's Immortal Chess Game - Aronian Vs. Anand, 2013

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Anand's 2006 victory over Sergey Karjakin was deemed by many an "Immortal Game" when it was played, but in 2013, Anand topped himself. His win over Levon Aronian in Tata Steel was universally deemed an instant classic, and many consider it his best game. staff and contributors thought so highly of the game that they actually rated it the third best game of all time.

What do you think? Is this Anand's best chess game game (for now), or do you prefer his win against Karjakin, IvanchukBologan, or Lautier? Or perhaps you prefer another game all together?

This is the 14th Anand game for which I've had the pleasure to record a video. Arguably, I saved the best for last in this video series though personally I THINK I prefer Anand's two victories over Ivanchuk - ask me tomorrow, and my opinion may change  You can check out the full series here.

My notes are below. Anand analyzed the game himself for Informant, and I highly recommend looking up his notes instead! If you aren't able to do that, hopefully mine suffice.

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