2021 Spielvogel Memorial

2021 Spielvogel Memorial


2021 Spielvogel Memorial

Welcome to my blog on the 2021 Spielvogal Memorial.

On Thursday 11th of February classical OTB chess returned to the Ballarat Chess Club. https://www.chess.com/club/ballarat-chess-club

The years first rated classical event the Spielvogel Memoria begun. The event is a 7 round swiss with time controls of 90 30. Traditionally it is the warm up event for the Begonia Open the club's weekender it hosts annually. It was fantastic to be able to sit down at the board and play chess as it was meant to be played in person, OTB One person pitting their skills against another!

In this blog I will be going through my games in the tournament and if any other player would like to share their games and thoughts or get some feedback and analysis of their games from me please send me through the game and I'll do my best.

Round 2

Scott Stewart v Julian Feinberg

Not my best game ever, a few inaccuracies/mistakes, missed by my opponent who left his A game at home but still a nice game where my opponent was pushed into a Zugzwang.   

Paul Dao v Harrison Harrison
One that got away for talented youngster Paul Dao, a few lessons to be learn in this defeat.

Rob Loveband v Nick Lyons
A win for Rob who who many to miss many chances to give himself an easy night. A nice fight from Nick but in the end Rob was too good.

Jamie Brotheridge v Kalen Douglas

A well played game by Jamie, won a pawn and displayed adequate technique to convert it. Kalen perhaps frustrated with his inferior position tried to force events but this was not the plan the position demanded and the tactics were not present. 

Round 1

Tom Oppenhein (1076) v Scott Stewart (1707) 

It was great to return to over the board chess and get a decent quality game in round 1.  I took my rusty Najdorf out for a walk,  

Kalen Douglas v Rob Loveband

Kalen misplayed the opening and lost a piece early, a long night followed but rob doesn't put a foot wrong taking home the full point. 

Patrick Cook v  Paul Sullivan

Patrick after accepting a speculative sacrifice on move 4 sets up a Bishop Queen helper mate in 1 threat which is missed resulting in a checkmate.