West Chicago Tournament Round 2 @ Board 1


  • 4 years ago


    Ok, for god's sake, Zane, I know pushing the C pawn is tempting, and it SEEMS powerful, but LOOK AT THE BOARD, MAN!! If you push c5, you collapse your structure, and you make it indefensible, as you quickly found out. You wind up overextending, and losing not only your structure, but material as well. And all the while, your opponent is getting free development moves while he's taking you down. Next time, just push e3, and stick to book. The Queen's Gambit is a strong, popular opening for a reason, and there's a reason people DO NOT play it out of book unless it will CLEARLY benefit them.

    Once again, you escaped a loss because your opponent was an idiot. More specifically, he was HORRIBLE at putting away endgames in which he had clearly won. He made several consecutive blunders, which allowed you to not only win pieces back, but to eventually even the game enough so that it would be a draw.

    Congratulations, however, on your best-played endgame to date (unless you had a more impressive one earlier that I forgot about). You fought hard, took advantage of your opponent's stupidity, and managed to salvage a game where you, once again, played like crap in the beginning.

    Good job. Don't make this a trend, though. You've got to play better in all areas of the game, and you can't rely on your luck, and endgame to save you forever. If you keep going into the endgame with significant disadvantages, you'll start running into opponents who can put you away without blinking an eye. Shape up.

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