Supercharge my chess - day 11

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Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course

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 My goals: 

1. I want to study chess in an organized way. I hope 21 days of organized study of the course will build my habit to create and follow my study plans after the course finished.
2. I want to win a Titled tuesday tournament in 2016
3. I want to win a Death match in 2016
4. I want to be one of  the top 10 rated blitz (3-5 minutes game) player on
The structure of the study of Day 11 was the following:

- Theoretical section:

They key idea of today's teaching was the importance of the endgame knowledge.

Endgames can be devided to two groups: Theoretical and Practical endgames.

1. Theoretical endgames are positions where the process to win or draw are discovered and by learning the process anybody can achieve the best result from those positions.

2. Practical endgames are complex endgames where we can follow general endgame principles and can exchange pieces to go into theoretical endgames, which we know how to win or draw.

Studying the most important theoretical endgames help us to play better our practical endgames.

We should start with pawns endgames, then rook endgames, minor piece endgames, queen endgames and mixed endgames.

- Practical section:

Master game:

In today's position typical attacking motives in the french defense were shown.

I annotated the full game and share it with you:


In today's  6 puzzles to theme was to force the opponent pieces to the desired squares.

I show you the beautiful examples:


In today's rook and pawn endgame the key idea was to cut off the defender king.

Conclusions of the Day 11 of the 

1. We learnt the importance to study theoretical endgames to increase our chances to win practical endgames.

2. In today's master game we learnt typical attacking themes in the french defense.

3. I solved puzzles about forcing pieces to the desired squares.

4. The pawn and rook endgame showed an example about the importance of cutting off the defender king.

I decided to follow how much time I use every day for the study and monitor the total time used too.

Today I used 50 minutes. The total time I used until today is 8 hours and 44 minutes. You can follow the daily training times in this --> document

I wish you enjoyed today's tips and exerciseses
 of the course! I was happy to show you my experiences about the Day 11 of the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course Smile
Until tomorrow you can find the details of the  21 days to Supercharge your chess course if you click here and you can become a student too.

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If you would like to create your own training plan and would like to know how to study chess better, then check this course! 


I use the Chessmood opening courses:

1.e4 with white

Accelerated dragon with black

Benko-gambit with black    

Would you like to supercharge your chess? 

I studied the Supercharge Your Chess in 21 days course and

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