Yui Is Love #11

Yui Is Love #11

Apr 18, 2016, 3:19 PM |


The weekend has come to an end, and time to work hard! Yui has a bit of a reputation to take her cute carefreeness too far and allow it to get in the way of important matters such as band practice and studying for important exams in school. But she's also a very clever and intelligent girl, who's grown a lot as a person and has gradually has become more responsible. So you're well prepared for your big exam tomorrow, aren't you, Yui honey?


O-oh goodness Yui, are you saying you're worried about the exam? Wow, normally I'd feel uneasy hearing something like that, but how cute you are, hiding behind your book like that… Too adorable! Okay-okay Yui, let's work together to finish everything we need! I'll go bring some motivational snacks, but you go ahead and start!


Hey, I'm back, and I got you a piece from that lovely strawberry ca-... Hold on, why do you look so excited and energetic in bed with such a huge smile, while studying for your exam? Sure, nothing beats the pleasure of being academically nerdy and learning cool things, but… Oh, that's a magazine, isn't it? Bad Yui, bad! Nope, not gonna happen! No cake for you now; sit down at your desk and get started!


HEY, YOU CAN'T FALL ASLEEP NOW, WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOT STARTED! How can you be there already? Hmm? Oh, you say you worked hard in school instead? So what were you doing?


You were… you were hanging out with Ritsu…? How- how is that hard work? Being open and loving with your friends is more important, you say? Ah, well… aww, look at you, I can't argue with such a cute, enthusiastic face! Shame about your lack of preparation, though… Just do your best tomorrow!


YUI! How did your exam go?


100/100 points? HOW???!!


Told you she was a smart girl! She can accomplish anything she sets her mind too, even with minimal effort! That's my wonder girl!


Last blog (https://www.chess.com/blog/bestpony/yui-is-love-10) I asked you guys to say how you'd like to spend a lovely sunny day with your most beloved one! ThisLife on the site had a cosy thing to say about Yui!

“So for me a great way to live a weekend would be to share moments of silence by looking in her eyes and feel what she feels in her little heart... well little in size but biggest when you measure it in love.”

Very cute! Thank you for your comment! I would totally love to live this dream out!

Until next blog, please comment below, or on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Kawaiioma/status/722190825652953088), what sweets I should try to use next time to motivate Yui to study harder and explore the beauties of academia!


Daily reminder that Yui is love.