Yui Is Love #9

Yui Is Love #9

Apr 16, 2016, 2:52 PM |

It's Yuitime, folks! Let's keep the hype train strong!

I'm sure anyone who's familiar with Yui in the slightest sense would have to admit that she's a real honey sweetheart! Predictably, a sweetie like Yui would have quite a sweet tooth for lovely treats, pastries and other delicious goods. Not only that, but sweets are essentially fuel for Yui and without it and crashes!



My okasan always told me candy was only for Saturdays, and of course being the good boy I am, I have always obliged (don't tell her I'm swimming in Yui's sweetness on non-Saturdays, though - she ain't taking Yui from me, no matter how much diabetes I get!!!) So to celebrate today, let's have a look at some of Yui's favourite treats, together!



Although Yui's sister Ui is Yui's go-to girl for cooking and baking at home, Yui has several tricks up her apron too and can make quite the delicious sugar-bomb! Most noteworthy, however, is that Yui always bakes from scratch because Yui knows that makes anything and everything better! Also, that way she can make sure there's always a much needed excess of sugar in her creations!


There's her ice cream! Yui coma crisis averted! Great job, fellas! Also, this dress, it's so perfect on her, oh dear! Just Yui doing her cuteness magic once more!


If Yui had to choose one single treat she would have in endless amounts for the rest of her life (even though ideally she'd have an endless supply of every sweet thing in the world) I think that would be strawberry cake. It's tasty and those strawberries can make the cake cute even! It doesn't take a genius to realise why this is a perfect combination for loveliest Yui!

Having acknowledged this fact since long, I took it upon myself to bake a special little treat for my angel Yui for her birthday last year!

This came straight from my heart to her. I had such a wonderful time making this, and my only wish is that Yui could feel the love I put into this. I love Yui! (Of course, like Yui, I baked this from scratch too!)

I hope this should help convince you that Yui really is love!



Last blog we discussed party Yui (see: https://www.chess.com/blog/bestpony/yui-is-love-8) and at the end I asked you guys what you your dream party activity with Yui would be. In return, I was asked back what my dream activity with Yui would be. After much pondering, it became obvious to me that was a very tough question. Ultimately, the truth is that I would just cherish the moment to be with her too much to even be able to think further. I'd hug her tightly and never let go - knowing that as long as Yui is here, everything is perfect.

For next blog, please tell me, dear Yuibros: if you had the chance to bake a special sugary treat to impress Yui and brighten her day, what would you bake and why?


Daily reminder that Yui is love.