10 Evergreen World Chess Championships

10 Evergreen World Chess Championships

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In the wake of Carlsen-Caruana match Chess.com ran a series of articles on The Most Exciting World Chess Championships Ever, with the "winners" selected by the Editorial Board of Chess,com.

That series generated a lively debate, with the readers lamenting the absence of this or that match on the list. I was one of the critics, as I felt that the Top 10 was too heavy on Karpov-Kasparov and other matches of the recent past.

So I decided to present an alternative point of view. Starting today, I am launching a series of articles dedicated to 10 Evergreen World Chess Championships.

My goal is to delve deeper into the history and share the twists and turns of the matches that did not make Chess.com's list but in my opinion were no less exciting .

Obviously, this will be a subjective list. Comments and discussions are absolutely welcome, but beware that the matches will be selected by a "committee of one" 😊

Learning from the experience of Chess.com's series, I am planning to publish the articles in no particular order, whether in terms of ranking or chronology. I am happy to tell that I am planning to cover the matches from all three centuries, but I am going to keep everyone guessing which matches made my list and which match will be covered next!

This post will be updated every time a new article is published, so feel free to bookmark it and refresh it every once in a while!