3 tips about castling you should know.

3 tips about castling you should know.


Hello there as a further note to those who read my posts they are short so don't think you will be spending 30 minutes on this and i hope you enjoy.

So im not much of a teacher if thats what you thinkim only rated around 750 on blitz so im not really a teacher to those who are better but lets start about the 3 tips about castleing you should know

I got these tips from myself so im not stealing anyones tips (just so you know)



Tip number 1;Whencastling don't move the pawn above your king as soon as you castle do it when you need to.

Tip number 1 Reason: As I have been learning with FangBo wasting moves is a really bad because it lets enemys prepare their evil plans go further due to you wasting a move do it though later when you know its a good idea a time I suggest is when you have no defenders.


Tip Number 2; Watch out for a Back Rank Check.

Tip Number 2 Reason: Back Rank Checks can be fustrating you were about to win and they win it can make you angry very angry and can upset you there are 2 ways this can happen which will be shown in these to puzzles.

These can fustrate people so make sure when your playin watch out.


Tip number 3: Only take out your defenders if 1.They can't back rank check you 2. If your kink has somwhere to go if checked and 3.If its your move and you can instanly check mate them.

Tip Number 3 reason: As you have seen in those puzzles they had left there defenders out with none of those 3 things checked so they got deafeted when they were winning.


Hope these tips help you be sure to check my Kinetic Chess Post and i will see you next time

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