A Thanks to EVERYONE who helped me to where I am today.

A Thanks to EVERYONE who helped me to where I am today.


Hello everyone I would like to thank EVERYONE who has helped me to be where i am today happy.png

This is going to be a list of the top 5! But if you are on 10 don't take offense from the 2-10 they are all loved equally i shall say each time how they helped and stuff happy.png

ALSO there are a lot of you who are GREAT friends but we haven't had the chance the to anaylse and play together so you will most likely get a honorable mention near the end.


Long-Time Friends

These are friends who have been friends with me for over a year there are a lot of you who helped me out but only have been friends for less then a year BUT you can look on your name might still be on this list.


You have always been a great friends for me, you have played with me helping me improve my chess and thanks to that i managed to get one draw against you XD P.S Want to versus sometime i really want to see you again you been gone for a while plus i want to get my 1st win against you XD.


We have been friends for a long time meeting up on the chess TV chat from there we became great friends although we havent played to many games you helped me develop the skill of being able to play well against higher players which has helped me so much happy.png I still remember that game i stalemated you when i could've mated you... So we got to versus again i want my win XD


Nicholas, Nicholas, Nicholas we have been chatting playing together in bughouse (Though i always made us lose because i suck at it XD sorry about that) playing normal games and other stuff. We been friends for SO long i forget how we found each other in some club or in a tournament chat i don't remember how BUT you have always been there for me. Chatting having fun good times. Sadly you are on less and less each time but when you do come back on i want to experience those great times we had again happy.png


I MISS YOU SO MUCH you were never able to come on much but i still MISS you we had such good times together we met up in a game of blitz where i brought up a conversation and from then we have been such good friends its so sad to see you so often not on sad.png we have played chatted and had fun in that blitz game it hurt me so much to win the game i REALLY REALLY hope you will come back happy.png


Another great friend who hasn't been on a VERY LONG TIME we met at my first club ever Kinetic Chess we became instant friends both sharing the common goal: Wanting to improve. We played analysed and did our best to learn the difference between us and learning it was a great time I do hope you come back because i have improved and i want to help you improve as you did with me back in the day happy.png


We have been friends for so long we have improved together so much. In daily, bullet, blitz and rapid we were always there together playing having fun and having a good time now you are the proud leader of the elite chess grandmasters your club has excelled so much i am proud of it very much you always knew things i didnt and helped me when i needed help you and i would chat for so long about ANYTHING we both enjoyed each others company it was great happy.png hope to have those great times again one day.


What did you do to get banned we were such good friends meeting together in a 3+ tournament. Chatting and stuff we were inseparable. Having a even score of 6 wins to 6 wins we always tried to arrange a time where you and i could play more and see who was the boss XD why of why did you get banned? sad.png 


You were great to me but im not going to write to much because you have a special place in this list... happy.png


Semi-Long-Time Friends


We were friends instantly chatting and all having fun playing games together also so we can keep in touch and chat happy.png we have always had to much fun together chatting playing we have helped each other in many ways with supporting the other one or telling what is a good or bad move. How about we versus again and chat like we used to?


Zaveric is also another friend in which we were stuck together. We have a lot in common we are both Libra in the zodiac signs we are born in the same month a few days apart we are both young though hes about 10 years older happy.png We share around the same humor we would chat a long long LONG time at live chess he would tell me stories and i would tell him some it was GREAT now zaveric is going through his life happily and i hope one day we can chat again like we used to it was GREAT but not only did we chat we would play where i got SMASHED every time XD


I think i am not the only one who is VERY sad to see Andrey go. We only played once but it changed me whenever i would be playing and suddenly Andrey wants to chats it would give me a boost in morale. Sadly near Andreys end on chess.com Andrey pulled away from being active in clubs saying "I would like to focus more in chess" Then when i came back from school i saw Andrey had closed the account i felt very sad and thought that maybe Andrey knew that just leaving like that would make people sad so, slowly pushing away from clubs to make the leaving easier for people to handle. P.S I have heard Andrey has a 2nd account that Andrey is using please if you are reading this friend me i miss our fun times. sad.png


I have never known someone to change their profile image SO MANY TIMES and thats eryxc for you funny, kind, helping always wanting to improve, joyful, happy, cool, understanding, loyalty and trusts people. Eryxc and I have played both of us trying to help each other out in our game. Eryxc was ALWAYS so kind to me making me admin in many clubs AND making a club JUST for me waiting for me to get a membership so i could lead it myself. 


You always trusted me and thanked me which made me very happy happy.png You challenged me and i always remind you to make it UNRATED XD you always wanted to succeed and i understand you completely when you made the we chat chess club i understood how much it was to you although you weren't the most chatty of friends you were always kind happy.png and that's whats great about you happy.png




The Classical music lover International Master Attila and i have been together for a while I remember one day I was looking for someone to watch and saw you happy.png from there and then i choose to stay and help you to make sure you had a great time because i HATE when a streamer is alone and i LOVE to help new streamers i instantly followed you. Just watching your content was making me learn. Each time we played you would always analyse the games which helped me fix my faults and thanks to you a lot of my openings are more solid making me play better then EVER.

Drop a follow to Attila: https://www.twitch.tv/attilaturzo


EVERYONE knows Aran it seems. Always wanting to help people in many many MANY ways such as making emotes for streamers helping make their stream better and the list can go on and on and ON not only that but Aran is a jokester and funny all about always happy in every way possible.

Drop a follow to Aran: https://www.twitch.tv/aranhawaii


Probably suprising to most i was one of the 1st followers of Efizar she has been streaming for around 6 months while i have been following for around 5 months and 4 WEEKS! Just like Attila i saw Efizar with 1 viewer and being me i HAD to go and support the stream. And i did for a few weeks but i was cut off by school and couldn't see the improvement in efizars channel like i would've wanted to but in the end efizar has a thriving channel.

Drop a follow to Efizar: https://www.twitch.tv/efizhar


Once again i was one of the 1st with Soultego though he was a lichess user he was always kind helpful we played a few games together but mainly just chatted about chess and stuff. But like usual school cut me off but i tried to pop in when i could and after Soultego wasn't on much during a period of time that was because he had a bad injury but when he started streaming again his channel had IMPROVED so much the template and everything changed it was great to have Soultego back.

Drop a follow to soultego: https://www.twitch.tv/soultego


And once again i was one of the 1st in BklynRa's stream (Are you lot seeing a trend? I tend to be one of the 1st XD ) BklynRa was always about improving looking hard and looking for every move possible and which is best which makes him run out of time happy.png But slowly BklynRa is improving in speed and quick calculation. I played many games with BklynRa and each time BklynRa would play the best move he thought was best thanks to see how he calculates i am able to calculate quicker to. And thanks to his calculating he has sometimes had the upper hand against me.

Drop a follow to BklynRa: https://www.twitch.tv/bklynra


Surprisingly for once i was not one of the 1st followers JJ2051's stream wink.png But anyway JJ2051 has been a huge inspiration to me due to his young age at streaming. JJ2051 is one of the members of the Jason Gang JJ2051 is always wanting to improve and every chess streamer seems to know him happy.png When JJ2051 has a goal he will go for it. For example JJ2051 wanted to get to 1700 in tactics and HE DID and then he went further and is now a 1900 in tactics!

Drop a follow to JJ2051: https://www.twitch.tv/jj2051


once again one of the 1st followers of Unc_the_awesome's channel Unc was kind of a rival we were both captains of our team in the not-so-pro-chess-league (Roaming Bears) Unc was the captain of the 1st team and i was captain of the 2nd team. Then later in the year we came to be around the same rating 1200 then arena kings game i moved up 100 POINTS to 1300 i thought i had won the rivalry but when i checked on his stream where he was he ALSO moved up 100 POINTS then next arena kings i moved up ANOTHER 100 points and so did he happy.png What a rival but we have played and honestly i would say he was better then me back then but i don't know about now because he only streams on arena kings days and i haven't managed to play him in a while so Unc if you see this there is a challenger waiting for you happy.png

Drop Unc_the_awesome a follow: https://www.twitch.tv/unc_the_awesome


Does the trend ever stop? Yes once AGAIN i was DrJordano 1st followers JapaneseTutor (You will see him later happy.png ) was looking for someone to raid and i had found DrJordano we became friends in a matter of secounds i told JT to raid him and JT said if he answers my question right i will and since i was on the stream i saw the question. Question: Do you say thank you to the bus driver? DrJordano responded with a YES of COURSE you ALWAYS thank the bus driver and boom 30 raiders came. Although that was the only chess stream DrJordano has done he has been so kind to me still asks and supports me with my chess happy.png I know am most likely at his stream having fun with him. He makes me happy and supports me every day.

Drop a follow to DrJordano: https://www.twitch.tv/drjordano


And like usual i was one of the 1st followers of Hampovsky. I have always enjoyed Hampovs stream the music was hype and I could tell everyone who came made him happy because like most people we want to do well happy.png I stayed always around Hampovsky's stream and played many games and i would always learn what to do and what not to do in my games because each time i played a bad move i would hear "Bad move not a move" Or "Losing Move" and i would learn not to do it again happy.png

Drop a follow to hampovsky's stream: https://www.twitch.tv/hampov


JapaneseTutor or otherwise known as JT is a GREAT chess coach giving free lessons sometimes on his streams AND uploads regularly on his Youtube channel educational chess content that WILL help you in your game. Also did I forget to mention i was also one of the 1st followers XD I love his streams it has helped me improve. We have also versused many times and each time JT does a quick analyse happy.png Now sadly JT streams when im always in bed so I can't ever catch a stream which is very sad for me :__(

Please Drop a follow to JapaneseTutor: https://www.twitch.tv/japanesetutor


Bertrout the London system lover JK actually that is one thing Bertrout and i clash against he says the London is always a drawn game while i disagree and say its a winning game. Bertrout is a great streamer and great chess player loves making tournaments and is a lichess and a chess.com user so you can versus him on whichever one you use. Bertrout is super fun to hang out with always making jokes and telling stories thanks to his general attitude i get a lot of morale happy.png P.S no i wasnt one of the 1st followers XD

Follow Bertrout on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bertrout


Jason or known as JPS is another member the Jason gang happy.png a VERY kind Canadian who has gifted me MANY MANY MANY subs on twitch you don't know how grateful i am for his kindness JPS streams regulary and is currently streaming write now as i type this out happy.png Jason and I have versused many times every time was very fun we also played together in 4 player chess with Schwoby, JJ2051 JPS and myself it is all very fun so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Drop a follow to his channel: https://www.twitch.tv/jasonpierresweeney


The Jedi himself the JEDI GM GMCanty is a very hype channel that grows everyday i play in many of his stream tournaments and when i do versus him i note down every time he says the famous "That's not a move" happy.png GMCanty is a very strong player so you should definitely go check out his channel from time to time if you want to get better at chess.

Follow GMCanty on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gmcanty


The planet where you can play chess at any moment at any time or if you want to sit back and have a chill time... PlanetChessClub is the place to go I have played with PlanetChessClub many times and just can't get that win. PlanetChessClub is very helpful and super kind never seen that lad sad. 

Follow PlanetChessClub on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/planetchessclub


Schwoby the Jokester. Loves to make people happy and is ALWAYS happy using green screens to make funny faces and everything. Joking around this chess player has played me 157 TIMES!!! And around 90% of those games are 15 secound games that are made for messing around having fun. And if you want to look at the stupidest games in the world just come and look at our 15 secound games they are CRAZY. Schwoby is a one of his kind I can't even explain how he is just go look at his stream. Schwoby gives me day-to-day morale that i need happy.png

Follow Schwoby on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/schwoby


If you ever seeJoseph you knowSophie his cat is going to be around its a FACT XD. I always wanted to get to Josephwhales rating of 1300 which gave me a goal to push for. I would play him and understand how higher players play which upgraded my power of being able to play better then me and with that skill i was able to get to 1300 and get my 1st win against him happy.png Not only that but his channel has so many commands for you to check out and have fun with happy.png

Follow JosephWhale on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/josephwhale


We both love one song in particular its called Bittersweet symphony happy.png Harlem and i have played for a long time and Harlem has always wanted to improve and... he has! Harlem and I have played many games but Harlem is so hype i felt like I could never lose a chess game and it almost worked i got a 7 win streak because of the hype he was giving off. 

Drop a follow to Harlemknite: https://www.twitch.tv/harlemknite


ChessKingT Was the 1st streamer i EVER watched and that's when I got my feelings for helping small streamers because, whenever I would watch ChessKingT I would be the only viewer. And I could tell that it was appreciated. At that time ChessKingT and I were around the same rating so it was good for both of us we would play and get better. Then sadly ChessKingT streaming got cut by his real life and since then I haven't seen ChessKingT stream though I am always hoping that one day i will see his stream again.

But that doesn't mean you can't drop ChessKingT a follow: https://www.twitch.tv/chesskingt 


It was ChessCoachNETs stream that I got my 1st badge on twitch. The mod badge TRUE STORY. ChessCoachNET streams regularly and has his own music lists which are AWESOME! Not only that but ChessCoachNET has so many different sayings to his channel like, True Story, Lets Go, Losing is learning, Not a fan and so on. I have been playing ChessCoachNET ever since i started following him. And I have seen my chess skill improve SO MUCH this is not even a joke ChessCoachNET has also made me go back to long games and thanks to that I have seen my chess rating once again GO UP.

So please follow ChessCoachNET here: https://www.twitch.tv/chesscoachnet 



 I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone mentioned and not mentioned on this list you ALL mean something to me. All of you are positive welcoming and GREAT FRIENDS to have. I don't think any of you understand how deep it is for me all this support that i am given and i'm telling you it means A LOT. Just seeing people join clubs having a good attitude. ITS GREAT, So thanks to EVERYONE you all mean a lot to me. Even if we are not friends just you being kind to me in a game even though we are opponents. ALL of you make my life great and happy so THANKS once again.

Now lets carry on to NUMBER 1 before i get to teary XD



If you want to thank ANYONE for ever meeting me or playing you and becoming friends you can thank @Fangbo FangBo has done SO SO SO much for me FangBo brought me up to a 1200 RATING he taught me the London. Let me explain everything in a storie so you.

A few weeks after entering Chess.com I open up chess.com and I get a message. Eager to read it I open it and there it was a invitation to join Kinetic Chess I eagerly join in happy.png ( Join Kinetic Chess here: https://www.chess.com/club/kinetic-chess ) Anyway I joined in and did the best i could do to be a good member and then a few days later I saw a message that changed my LIFE! FangBo was offering lessons for free! I accepted and that's how is began. My Saturday morning every week I would wake up early and rush to get a lesson by FangBo from there FangBo would play me we then would analyse the game (FangBo is GREAT at analyse check one of his posts and look at then in-depth analyse: https://www.chess.com/blog/FangBo/simultaneous-exhibition ) We then would proceed to do tactics openings theory and MUCH MORE! FangBo brought up my rating SO MUCH just look at these images!

Rapid Before FangBo: 840 After FangBo: 1276

Blitz Before FangBo: 663 After FangBo: 1403

Tactics Before FangBo: 666 After FangBo: 1532

Are you seeing these differences? ITS CRAZY.

FangBo Showed me how everything on chess.com worked clubs and extra.

Thanks to FangBo I am where I am today so thanks SO MUCH FangBo for all the hours you spent teaching a nobody like me wink.png

Now to shout out FangBo:

FangBo Himself is the proud owner of IBL (Intermediate Blitz League) From a range of 1200-1600 JOIN the club NOW and if your 1100 what are you waiting for GET to 1200 like i did just to join the club happy.png Join here: https://www.chess.com/club/the-intermediate-blitz-league

FangBo has made a WHOLE entire WEBSITE dedicated to chess beginners intermediates and OTHERS so if you want to get real good real quick check out this website. https://getgoodatchess.com/

And if you want lessons like I received they cost only 15 EUROS!!!! So be sure to contact him.

Did I mention he uploads regulary very educational content? Well HE DOES so go follow him and learn. https://www.chess.com/member/fangbo

So now thanks to all of you who read through this. This is 5 days work happy.png so I hope you enjoyed it.

IF you didn't see your name and you think you should be there contact me i will chuck you in I may have missed you (Same goes to you streamers. It updated so i might've missed your name)

And don't worry when I hit another big rating point I will do another of these and you will find yourself there.

Now since this is my blog i have to shout myself out XD 

JK I just want you IF you want to join my club it will really touch my heart



Well BYE EVERYONE hope you enjoyed this and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!