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    • what I learned in a lesson today with Attila Turzo

      I had a chess lesson with Attila Turzo today. We went over a game that I lost. (I played black). It turns out that I made several mistakes some of which my opponent capitalized on while on others he did not. One particular move I made, Bd3 was par... | Read More

    • analysis of a recent game

      I just attempted to go through a game I just played to see where I did things well and where I did things poorly. I think I did pretty well but, at one point, when I was a minor piece ahead, I had a knight at e6 that was in danger from a rook on e... | Read More

    • chess exercises

      I have been doing chess exercises in a book called "Practical Chess Exercises" by Ray Cheng. The exercises are a mix of tactics and strategy exercises. So far I have gotten 3 out of 8 or so. The one I just did involved moving a pawn forward. When ... | Read More

    • first blog post

      Today I had my first lesson with Atilla Turzo. The lesson went very well. I am going to keep track of two games I currently have going on and write about them going forward. Mr. Turzo went through one of my past games with me. It turns out I misse... | Read More