World Amateur East Team 2017, #Black Knight Matter

World Amateur East Team 2017, #Black Knight Matter

Feb 24, 2017, 8:22 AM |
The largest chess party of the year! #Black Knight Matter team finished 3rd, with 5.5/6. 
Eddy's team: Justin Shakar, Nico Chasin, Eddy and Winston Ni.
Here are some of the interesting positions in Eddy's games:

Black is clearly better thanks to aggressive attacks. How to finish White off?

Finishing tactic in round 2, White to move:

Winning tactic in Round 3, black to move:


Round 4, white to move, Eddy used a little tactic to weaken opponent's king and got a strong attack thereafter.

 Round 5, against a chess coach at PS 41, rated 2174, Eddy played a very brutal attack in the end, black to move:

 Last round Eddy sacrificed a pawn in the opening and paralyzed his opponent's half board of pieces.

It's not a tactic per se here, since black is completely lost.