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    • Psychology behind blunders

      When I first started paying chess, I started from 5min blitz games; these fast games are, obviously, games where players commit blunders pretty frequently. I was one of those players, but the more I started to recognize a pattern behind my blund... | Read More

    • Illingworth's Interesting Endgame Examples Taught Today

      (This blog post title was brought to you by Alphabetical Aerobics's alliteration and assonance 'Artificial amateurs, aren't at all amazing' )   Before you suspect fellow GM Paul Motwani of hijacking my account today, I should share wi... | Read More

    • Supercharge my chess - day 5

      Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course.  You can read about the past days:   Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4    My goals:  1. I want to study chess in an organized way. I ... | Read More

    • Aggressive Defence - Ivanchuk's technique and a local example by IM Kevin Goh

      In Ivanchuk: Move by Move (Everyman, 2015), I noted that the title - Aggressive Defence - can be used to describe Ivanchuk’s way of warding off attacks as he "does not conform to patient, passive defence where solid barricades are set up, inviti... | Read More

      • juniortay
      • | May 14, 2016
    • Why Sicilian is the best defence against e4?

      So, why Sicilian is the best defence against e4? I think, answer is easy. Sicilian is very old defence, and it's the most difficult opening for both sides. So, it's very rich defence with many-many variations. In fact, Grand Masters often play c5... | Read More

      • pete-2
      • | May 11, 2016
    • Beginners Pain – We’ve all been there and we can all conquer it….

      Thought I would share some of my challenges and plan of attack as an amateur chess player who is developing his chess game.  The challenge when starting out is where to begin and how to become better. Blunders will happen, the main thing is to l... | Read More

      • morphic_6
      • | May 11, 2016
    • Road to GM: Week 3 "An hour of tactics a day keeps the pesky blunders away"

                Hello everyone, welcome back to the Road to GM series. The past seven days has been full of intensive chess training. I went down to my public library and i checked out three books covering the three different stages of chess. (... | Read More

    • May 2016 Prodigy Program

      Registration for the May 2016 month of the Prodigy Program is open for our 900+, 1200+, 1500+, and 1750+ Elo sections. Newly crowned U.S. Women's National Champion IM Nazí Paikidze will start contributing to the Prodigy Program this month. Regist... | Read More

      • GeniusKJ
      • | May 4, 2016
    • A Club Player's Life

      For this blog post, I would like to share with you some games featuring club players. Through these games, we can learn about some typical mistakes at the amateur level, how to punish them and how to avoid them. Furthermore, when we are trying to... | Read More

    • KIMPLODES--King Safety! (Part 2 of 10)

      King Safety is the Topic of the Day! His Majesty is the weakest piece on the board, unable to bear to approach other pieces too closely lest they check him away...or into his grave (do King's have graves, or only mauseleoms, pyramids, or oth... | Read More

    • A HANGING QUEEN (Blitz chess #53)

      Hello, the noob here, I hope you're doing fine. Over on my channel I've posted another video in the "Blitz chess" series. This time my opponent blunders! I hope you can help me spot my mistakes in order to improve.   CLICK HERE ... | Read More

      • nemichelis
      • | Apr 30, 2016
    • Clàssic Sant Martí, group B

      Hi again. Here are the games played in my fourth slow OTB tournament. This was an U2100 tournament with 58 players in which I was the 26th of the startink ranking, and the first one I had to play 2000+ rated players. My own rating was 1915 at t... | Read More

      • sharcashmo
      • | Apr 30, 2016
    • Road to GM: Week 2 "Step by step"

          Today begins the second week of my journey of becoming a Grandmaster. It's a long, treacherous road with crocodile goons and lobster mobsters but it's one well paved. Last week I discussed my chess status and a plan of action that i needed ... | Read More

    • Training & Calculation Secrets to Achieve Tactical Mastery!

      We all know the importance of tactics in chess but how can we improve our ability in this critical area? Simply solving hundreds of random puzzles is a very slow way to progress. In the following lecture, I reveal the training secrets and calcula... | Read More

      • TigerLilov
      • | Apr 29, 2016
    • Rejoining the fight - game 8

      This is a blog about a former NM who basically retired from serious chess for about 15 years to pursue family and career, trying to make a mini comeback without studying too much or working too hard. Each blog will see me annotate a game from my ... | Read More

    • MARCH 24

      "Glitter Chess"- this is my tendency to make moves based on Easily refuted/stopped tactics.  Too often this occurs because we are Groping for moves without fully understanding the position. Meaning (in chess) is about the power of the peices- an... | Read More

    • Not good, not bad :)

      He who has a slight disadvantage plays more attentively, inventively and more boldly than his antagonist who either takes it easy or aspires after too much. Thus a slight disadvantage is very frequently seen to convert into a good, solid advantag... | Read More

      • achja
      • | Apr 24, 2016
    • Rejoining the fight - game 7

      This is a blog about a former NM who basically retired from serious chess for about 15 years to pursue family and career, trying to make a mini comeback without studying too much or working too hard. Each blog will see me annotate a game from my t... | Read More

    • This almost, pulls me out of my chair

      Hello:3! So, I was playing blitz on, but are more usual see me playing bullet. I was playing blitz because i want to get better in chess so bullet isn't are the way, I had a concetration which helped me to don't lose mi mind seeing in... | Read More

    • Don't Fall For These opening traps/blunders !

      Hello everyone today I will be showing some very short games which happened cause of a lack of opening knowledge. In the first game we will have a look between Corneliussen - Jensen 1991   In the second game we will be having a look at the ga... | Read More

      • gluestix
      • | Apr 23, 2016
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