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    • My first games with a master player.

      Hi guys. This is the first blog I have ever written in because I really didn't have anything to fill it up with earlier. Now I have some news which I would like to share with you. I recently played some games in is... | Read More

    • My Chess Life

      I just wanted to share how my chess play evolved. Well, I started to play chess when I was at primary school (I think first or second grade). Two friends of mine were already going to the "chess circle" (that's how it was called in the former So... | Read More

      • aln276
      • | Sep 22, 2016
    • What's my plan again?

      When I first started out on this journey to improve at chess I knew I had to have a plan. Now that it has been a while it makes sense to revisit that plan and see how it has evolved. I posted my overall plan in my first blog post here on April 22,... | Read More

    • The Exchange French

      Ive started to notice that the Exchange variation of the French Defense is very popular in the 1600ish levels. It dosent give White an advantage at all and looks as if people only play it cause' they dont know what to do in the French or something... | Read More

      • SnowRealms
      • | Sep 21, 2016
    • Why the Blunders?

      Ive always wanted to have a blog, so when I found out about Chess dot coms blogs I was somewhat excited! Now I will do what many people do, post their blunderfull games with my thoughts and analysis!  It may not be very instructional but you (pe... | Read More

      • SnowRealms
      • | Sep 20, 2016
    • A missed opportunity: FIDE Invitational Round 5

      There's always a nice thing with being last place in a tournament. You can figure, at least it won't get worse! And that was the correct type of thinking to have. Even though it is completely false. It really can get worse.  You could argue that... | Read More

    • Supercharge my chess - day 5

      Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course.  You can read about the past days:   Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4    My goals:  1. I want to study chess in an organized way. I ... | Read More

    • I have to lose to you Tu?: FIDE Round Robin Round 4

      All photos courtesy of Joseph Truelson via the blog "My chess games, achievements, and failures!" None of them were used with permission of the people within them. And no, I do not apologize. Oh, and the first picture is actually by Victoria Jung... | Read More

    • Kings vs Princes Round Robin 2

      On Friday August 26th, I came to Seattle Chess Club to play the first round of the Kings vs Princes Tournament. I was placed in Round Robin 2 (even though my live rating was high enough to play in the FIDE Round Robin, but for some reason USCF use... | Read More

      • anshulcgm2
      • | Sep 11, 2016
    • Recovering from a Blunder

      BLUNDERS!! The deadly word that haunt every chess player. From novices to super GMs everybody  has blundered in chess at one point or other. Still fresh in memory is the final game between GM Svidler vs Karjakin, where Svidler blundered a rook wi... | Read More

      • doctorpsb
      • | Sep 10, 2016
    • Study log. 10 Sep 2016

      Tactics I am continuing doing tactic problems around 15-20 a day and my tactics rating keeps growing (now around 2180). It is indeed pleasing, but I am wondering where I am going to reach plateau. Anyway, the immediate point is, that if the ratin... | Read More

    • Study log. 08 Sep 2016

      Tactics During last couple of days I solved 30 tactical problems (22 correct, 8 wrong) improving my tactics rating according to tactics trainer to 2147. Wondering how accurate this estimate is and if (when) it would convert into OTB rat... | Read More

    • My 2nd OTB slow tourney..

      Hi everyone, last week I played in my second OTB slow tourney, I played in 8 out of 9 rounds, couldnt play in round 1 unfortunately, my final score was 5.0/8, and my PR was 2069..    My first game was against a 1600 player, he is known for bli... | Read More

      • tomek188
      • | Sep 7, 2016
    • Breaking chess rules – defying chess strategy

      First, let me remind you that you’ve only got about two more days to submit your answers for the “RCA Crossword Contest”. The latest date for you to submit them is Thursday, 8 September. <<Participate now>>   I promise that... | Read More

    • Study log. 31 Aug 2016

      Today I encountered a very nice problem But honestly before moving pieces I calculated only till 1. Bh7 Kxd5 2. Bf5 h2 3. Bc8. I thought it would be 3. ... h1Q 4. Bb7+ =, but I totally overlooked blacks defensive move 3. ... Kc6!. It took me an... | Read More

    • My thoughts about chess #1 - Dogmatism in chess

      In Episode #0 of this series, I told you about something that changed my mind about chess. Now I will give you the details about it. Most of you might know the so called opening principles, and I think everybody who wants to become successful in ... | Read More

    • My Most Successful Game

      Hello everyone. This is a game that I played, with lots of Excellent moves, and no Blunders.   This is it.   Lukachess21   | Read More

    • Slow chess league: Joint Top winner for August! 3/3 but a most undeserved win.

          To be really honest I didn't know whether I should publish my game as it contains some pretty horrific blunders from both parties. In the end I decided, well I guess if anything it goes to show that I still have a long way to go to eradica... | Read More

    • Epic blunders and slow but steady progress (Road to Improvement #5)

      I played in a Monday night club tournament this week. I lost all 3 games so it was a bit of a humbling experience. The first 2 games were against 1500+ players so I was just simply out classed. I didn't really make many bad mistakes or blunders s... | Read More

    • Gibraltar Junior Chess Festival 2016

      Last week, I played in the 6th Gibraltar Junior Chess Festival at the Caleta Hotel as part of the England Junior Squad. The junior tournament is very much similar in organisation to the main event, the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters, run in January/F... | Read More