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    • Converting an Advantage into a Win - Control of the Center

      Here I will continue with my series "Converting an Advantage into a Win". The second topic I will talk about is what happens when you don't pay attention to the center. Here's a game I played against someone in a 15|10 format.   My Analysis  ... | Read More

    • How to avoid 90% of your blunders?

      Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course.  I created a free video lecture about the 3 most important principles in the opening.   You can subcribe for the lecture here: http://ww... | Read More

    • Rust Never Sleeps

      Three stinkers to share - tough to imagine who would get anything from these games, but I will post them as a way of getting back into the habit of trying to regularly do some decent analysis. These are my first rated games in nearly a year, so I'... | Read More

      • scsiduck
      • | Jul 19, 2016
    • V01: What to think about during a chess game

      As one may see I am far from playing at a grandmaster’s level. However, these blogs are documenting ideas I try to implement into my own gameplay.   Blunder avoidance:  The first problem I faced after my 20 year break from chess were blund... | Read More

      • IO_Jupiter
      • | Jul 15, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • Games That Every Chessplayer Should Know (part 2)

      Hello Everyone, There are many games and moves (both brilliancies and blunders) that all chess players should know or have at least seen before. One of the greatest chess players of all time, Anatoly Karpov has been both the victor and victim of... | Read More

    • It's Been Two Years: Time for Another Blog Entry!

      I see it has been almost TWO YEARS to the day since I last made a blog entry.  Funny, my timing.  As I think I mentioned two years ago, I have cut back on my chess as I was feeling burnt out after diving so deeply into the chess waters for a goo... | Read More

    • Winning the SCC July Quads: Rounds 2-3

      After my win against Trevor Jung, there was a small break. After immature activities like pushing kids around in swivel chairs (They wanted me to!), I had to play the other player who who won their first game, Ahmet Gurcan. Unfortunately, unlike m... | Read More

    • Games That Every Chessplayer Should Know

      Hello Everyone, There are many games and moves (both brilliancies and blunders) that all chess players should know or have at least seen before. One of these such moves occurred in the game between Bischoff and Nogueiras in 1998. Please leave a... | Read More

    • Solid Chess: SCC July Quads vs. Trevor Jung!

      On Sautrday July 9, 2016, I was ready to play in the SCC July quads. The venue was the great Seattle Chess Club, and I have to thank the TD Fred Kleist, who was always so upbeat and helpful (unlike me!?) for holding this small but yet great event... | Read More

    • Clamping the Svesnikov break

      Playing on the White side of a Sicilian Sveshnikov, this game showed the importance of Black getting in ... b5. By failing to play ... b5, it makes it much easier for White to surround d5 with pieces. Black attempted to play ... f5 to obtain cou... | Read More

    • butichess vs. dylzim and Dylan's Tunnel Vision

        The main lesson for me in this particular game (and in a number of games I'm going to look at to follow) is to look before I leap. I have a tendency, it seems, to get wrapped up in arcane calculations and miss the blunders that are actively sm... | Read More

      • dylzim
      • | Jul 7, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • 2016 Summer Open

      This past weekend I played in the 3rd Austin Chess Club Summer Open. It was a five-round tournament with about 150 players split up into three sections. I had to play in the reserve section (1400-1800 USCF) because my June rating supplement was s... | Read More

    • Game of the Week: Bullet Chess--Simplified

      The game below comes from my most recent bullet tournament (for a story about that, visit here.) It's not the most amazing game ever, but considering the nature of bullet chess, I thought it was worth sharing. The game had relatively few blunders ... | Read More

      • ijgeoffrey
      • | Jul 3, 2016
    • Tournaments and Sportsmanship

      A few days ago, I won my first Bullet tournament (here on of course)! Now, this is not really a huge accomplishment, considering that I play bullet at the <1000 level, but I wanted to share the story and the lesson I learned with you.... | Read More

      • ijgeoffrey
      • | Jul 2, 2016
      • | 1 comment
    • For beginners :Develop a thinking process , part 1

      I will try to help beginners develop a thinking process. This is  very important  because as it is obvious without a thinking process you can't play good chess and your improvement will be slow.     Let's see what you must take under conside... | Read More

      • jengaias
      • | Jun 28, 2016
    • Game of the year 2016 ! (Well, not quite... but almost!)

      I was so excited after I had won this game I immediately bought it under computer analysis to see if I had made any blunders. To my surprise (and great dismay) I actually made an opening mistake that most likely would have costed me the game had m... | Read More

    • Three kinds of wins

      Looking at elite chess games that ended in a win I have noticed three different patterns:1) The technical win, where the stronger party accumulates small advantages and mounts ever more pressure until the opponent crumbles. This is the grind. 2) T... | Read More

      • soler97
      • | Jun 19, 2016
    • Leuven GCT, Day 2: 100% Magnus!

      Leuven GCT, Day 2: 100% Magnus! Magnus Carlsen ground three former World Champions into dust and outwitted Anish Giri in the opening to win all four games on Day 2 of the Your Next Move Grand Chess Tour. That spectacular run undid all the damage ... | Read More

    • Positional Chess Mastery

      Good tactical ability will get you far but to reach the heights, to eventually become a titled player, a deep understanding of positional chess is essential. Many players aren't really sure of what positional chess actually is. Ever played a gam... | Read More

      • TigerLilov
      • | Jun 17, 2016
    • Emerald City Open 2016: Bambi and Godzilla

      This tournament was only two weeks after the Washington Open, and further conflicted with the State Champion's simul at Microsoft, so it was nearly guaranteed to be small.  Still, it was startling to be on board 4 on Friday night (as the upper-ra... | Read More

      • mkkuhner
      • | Jun 14, 2016