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    • Queen vs. advanced pawn ending

      OK so I believe there was an article written about this somewhere between a year ago and a couple months ago. Now I believe that the article in question was written by (I want to say) GM Daniel Naroditsky or IM Silman. The closest article I could ... | Read More

    • Me and RookSacrifice

      Me and Samuel Deng( RookSacrifice) play a LOT of blitz on We always have so many games that we can tease the other one with. For example, this 6-move mate against me seemed to really have caught on... Well, I am not too fond of that o... | Read More

    • ... vs. GM

      So, this is the first time I fought with Indonesian GM, S. Megaranto. Note that my stupid blunders are because of timepanic attack. (Always happen in slow internet connection) | Read More

    • Blunderful

      More on checking for blunders, taking with check is always good right?   | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | Feb 3, 2016
    • AICF Unrated Tournament

      This tournament was mine best ever because I was made blunders only in two matches instead of my all like in my past tournament..It was held 200 miles away from my home.I was well prepared with my black pieces but not with white pieces.The time co... | Read More

    • Check for Blunders

      Back to basics: am I about to fudge things up?   | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | Feb 1, 2016
    • What Chess Masters See that Most of Us Don’t: An article on what to do before making a move.

      Hello there chess player… There are many aspiring players out there. Some play just for fun and there are some who decided to be serious about the game. As to numbers, active players with a FIDE rating rose from 64,630 in year 2009 to 101,367 i... | Read More

      • bien06
      • | Jan 29, 2016
    • 2016 B Category (round 2)

      This is my 2nd round game, a very bad game for me since I made a lot of blunders (f6?? and axb3? come to mind), and on top of that allowed mate in 1. | Read More

      • Roeczak
      • | Jan 28, 2016
    • Eastern Open 2015

      Fall is a busy time for me, so I played no tournaments between the Potomac Open in August (which didn't go well for me) and Eastern Open in late December. Eastern Open has sections 300 rating points apart and, although my rating fell below 1900 af... | Read More

    • 1.g3 like Carlsen

      In the second round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2016 (Wijk aan Zee), Carlsen played the slightly unusual 1.g3 against Caruana. It was an interesting and pretty double-edged game: Carlsen's idea seemed to be pretty interesting and so I t... | Read More

      • kurze15
      • | Jan 25, 2016
    • My Games #2: 2nd time

      This is the second Sharing Saturday. This games contain many mistakes or blunders but still. Game 1:-   Game 2:-     Game 3:-     If you like my blogs then you can give me a trophy of be my friend. Thanks! | Read More

      • Harish73
      • | Jan 21, 2016
    • Games from my Second Tournament

      I played these games at the second chess tournament I've ever competed in.  The time control was game in 45 with a ten second delay.  I've decided to analyze the games as deeply as I can and publish my thoughts before I consult a computer.  Any... | Read More

      • E43445
      • | Jan 17, 2016
    • A pair of knights did it again

      After playing lots of chess games, finally a game which made me stand on my chair, as a matter of speaking Today I played a game which had a Nimzo style blockading knights dominating bishops. I was happy to finish it with a clear cut queen sac. ... | Read More

      • achja
      • | Jan 16, 2016
    • My Best Bullet Game

      I have been playing some bullet games and I'm doing great. In this game, I will show you what happens if you don't follow the three basic rules. Here I was going into a King's Indian setup. First of all, he didn't control the center. Now I gue... | Read More

    • My Games #1: Sharing games for the first time.

      Hello my friends. As I said I will post my games on Thursdays, I am sharing my games for the first time on Analyze them and enjoy!  So, here's Game 1:- He was not quite 'familier' with the openings. He missed some good moves in... | Read More

      • Harish73
      • | Jan 14, 2016
    • A Tournament Story: An all-over-the-place depiction. Part 1.

      Warning: The posts will be written in quite a self-involved, overly long, self-indulging and detailed manner, with plenty off-topic, biographical and quirky excursions, so if you're looking for strictly concise chess content, these upcoming posts ... | Read More

      • staleen
      • | Jan 11, 2016
    • Lessons from my 1st turn-based tournament: Round 1, Game 4 - Board vision problems

      Opponent: eysgar Game #4: eysgar vs. Narazadd      The one important thing about weak players' games is that they are almost always decided by great blunders! The winner is certainly the second to last player to blunder.    It becomes obv... | Read More

      • Narazadd
      • | Jan 8, 2016
    • WA G/60 Championship 2015

      On Monday December 28th-Tuesday December 29th, I participated in the 2015 WA G/60 Championship(I am surprised to be playing on a monday/tuesday). After a bad performance from the tornado the week prior, I hoped to get a good performance(which I d... | Read More

      • anjiang
      • | Jan 6, 2016
    • Never Say Die: A Tournament Experience

      May 24 will mark the second anniversary of my dedicated attempts to improve at chess, but I noticed over the holiday season that I have yet to participate in a time-honored tradition enjoyed by countless chess enthusiasts around the world: a t... | Read More

    • Un-retiring from Chess, Twenty Years Later!

      To sum up my last post about my past life as a tournament player: I started playing in the early 1980s, rose to National Master (NM), and then a short time later abruptly left the game in the early 1990s when other things in life became a priority... | Read More