Putting on the bind! #2: Petrosian-Bondarevsky

Putting on the bind! #2: Petrosian-Bondarevsky

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Hello everyone, welcome back to the 2nd part of the series 'Putting on the bind!' Today's game is a special squeeze by the Iron Man of Chess, Tigran Petrosian.

Let us revise what we have learnt. Bind is a strong grip or stranglehold on a position that makes it difficult for the opponent to execute useful breaks. What we are doing here is trying to limit the opponent of useful squares- in other words, trying to gain space.

Let's have a look at an example that would refresh your positional senses. Many times, Petrosian should make very responsible decisions and decide pawn structures. How does he break Bondarevsky's Stonewall? Please take a close look at the Notes as there are many ideas explained.

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