Putting on the (Maroczy) bind! #3: Aronian-Ivanchuk

Putting on the (Maroczy) bind! #3: Aronian-Ivanchuk

CM vinniethepooh
Sep 24, 2018, 8:25 PM |

Hello chess.com friends, welcome back to the 3rd post of the series "Putting on the Bind!" Let me know how you are liking these.

Let us revise what we have learnt once again. Bind is a strong grip or stranglehold on a position that makes it difficult for the opponent to execute useful breaks. What we are doing here is trying to limit the opponent of useful squares- in other words, trying to gain space.

Today's game is a special one, where we are not talking of a bind in a game as a whole. Here we see an example of the famous structure 'Maroczy Bind'. Watch how Aronian uses this strategic opening to demolish Ivanchuk. The game is annotated in depth, and once again I suggest you take a close look at the Notes.

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