Study-like practical examples: Game 3

Study-like practical examples: Game 3

CM vinniethepooh
Aug 28, 2018, 6:07 AM |

Hey guys! I am back with the 3rd game of my series "Study-like practical examples".

Today it's gonna be a tough challenge, but it is a very famous game. I believe a lot of you will know it, but those who don't, watch the genius of Shirov!

Today is also the day I reveal the solution to the 2nd puzzle, Gustaffson-Ponomariov. Unfortunately I received no comments, but you can still try on the following link:

So, were you confused with all the knight maneuvers possible in the position?t

The main aim was to drive White's king from e2 square. This is possible from the squares g3 or g1. Keep in mind that pawn endgame is easily winning for Black!! Here is the way to reach one of those squares:

And here is the puzzle for today. It is Black to play (once again!) An opposite colored bishop for you to crack your brains!

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