Study-like practical examples: Game 4

Study-like practical examples: Game 4

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Hey guys, this is vinniethepooh with Game 4 of the series : Study-like practical examples. Today's challenge is going to be an ultra-tough pawn endgame. It's going to be a difficult challenge where you must play subtly and calculate some complex lines. Are you up to the challenge?

This is also the day I reveal the answer to the 3rd puzzle. The genius of Shirov when on fire was something hardly anyone could match. If you want to try the puzzle visit the following link:

Here is the answer, and try to control yourself. You might fall off the chair.

Wow. That was oh-so-amazing. It is so fascinating that the move 47...Bh3!! is referred to as the move of the century. Oh, I could keep singing praises of this move, but I guess I will have to stop. After all, today's pawn endgame isn't any easier wink.png It is White to play.

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