Study-like practical examples: Game 5

Study-like practical examples: Game 5

CM vinniethepooh
Aug 30, 2018, 5:55 AM |

Hello friends! This is vinniethepooh with the 5th and final game of the series "Study-like practical examples." Today's example is a very famous game, powered by Nigel Short. It is one of the more known plans in modern chess history.

Today is the day when I reveal the solution to the 4th puzzle. Congratulations to AGBDS1234, who solved the challenge correctly. If you want to try the puzzle, you may visit the following link:

First of all, the move 1.h4 looked very promising. However Black is on time to stop White's pawns. Only then it becomes clear that White is fighting for a draw! And then this brilliant fortress comes to mind.

Here is today's puzzle. A hint: Formulate a crazy plan. Not a move, but a plan!